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Upgrades are crucial in Helldivers 2 as without them you will not have enough firepower to eradicate the bugs and scrap the automatons. Upgrades in Helldivers 2 cover Stratagems and Ship Module parts. Stratagems provide you with additional firepower and versatility in combat encounters. If a Bile Titan spawns behind you out of nowhere then the Eagle 500KG Bomb stratagem has you covered, while without you, you'd soon be turned into a pool of bug-infested acid. Ship Modules on the other hand directly improve some aspects of gameplay or stratagems. If one Eagle 500KG Bomb isn't enough, then Ship modules will help you out by giving you a second charge of the bomb!



What are Stratagems?

Stratagems are tools which you can call in during gameplay. Players are usually limited to bringing a total of 4 stratagems per party member. This makes your choice of stratagems extremely important as they could make or break your mission. Helldivers 2 mainly has 4 types of stratagems:

  • Offensive (Red)
  • Defensive (Green)
  • Support (Blue)
  • Mission (Yellow)

Some of the stratagems are locked behind specific level milestones and usually have an increasingly high requisition cost to unlock them.

What are Ship Module Upgrades?

Ship Module Upgrades can only be purchased using Samples. In most cases it's a combination of both Common and Rare Samples, while higher end upgrades also require Super Samples. There's a total of 18 Ship Module upgrades the players can purchase. Each of them increasing the potency of their tools or significantly lowering cooldowns for their stratagems, while also granting them additional fire power. Be it through increased ammo reserves on sentries, or additional Eagle strikes and Orbital barrages.