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In our Discounted Bundles section you can find some of the best deals we have to offer! Anything from leveling packages to upgrade packages for Stratagems and Ship Modules, we have you covered! Discounts range anywhere between 10% - 20% on each service, some can even be a higher percentage discount!



Are your Helldivers 2 Discounted Bundles permanent?

Yes, most if not all of the bundles we offer are permanent, unless they become impossible to complete/obtain in-game. They are here to stay for any veteran or new player of the game. 

Will there be any new Helldivers 2 Discounted Bundles?

We plan on introducing more and more bundles as the game evolves. At Blazingboost we strive to offer as much flexibility and customizability to your bundles and service. With bundles we're also aiming to make the grindiest of activities at a lower cost.

Will there be time limited Discounted Bundles?

We do have plans on having sudden surge flash sales, which would offer a significant discount on a specific bundle of services. There won't be any direct announcement of these bundles and their supply will be limited, hence it is recommended to frequently check back on the section.