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Reaching the title of Gladiator is an incredible accomplishment and it comes with one of the best looking mounts in the game the Merciless Gladiator's Nether Drake. It shows the rest of the community that you are a part of the absolute top of the PvP echelon.

Even if you are an extremely good WoW player you might not be able to reach Gladiator on your own, as it is one of the hardest things to achieve in TBC and takes a lot of time. Fortunately for you our boosters are all professional players who have reached Gladiator and Infernal Gladiator multiple times and participated in various competitive tournaments, including Blizzcon. If you're after the Gladiator title, it would be best to entrust this to one of our professionals and they'll get it done!


The TBC Gladiator boost solely focuses on getting you the title of Gladiator. The top 0.5% of players on the Arena ladder are the only players eligible to get the Gladiator title. This can be achieved in any Arena bracket - 2v2, 3v3 and 5v5. We will make sure to maintain the rating needed for you to earn the Gladiator title at the end of the Season.


We sell these services exclusively with Account Sharing, which means that a professional player will log into your account and reach the required rating for you. This method has always presented a high level of risk. However, due to this, we have devised multiple ways of countering and minimizing the said risks as well.

The aforementioned methods used to minimize the risks as much as possible for all Piloted services are as follows:

SafeCarry - a proprietary piece of software made specifically for us and our customers. It is a completely safe, lightweight application that allows your booster to seamlessly connect to your account, making it seem as if you are playing it from your machine as much as possible.


VPN - we also incorporate the use of a VPN, which we use in case you are unable to maintain SafeCarry on your PC as reliably as possible, since our booster will not be able to connect to your account if something happens and SafeCarry is turned off or disconnected. Our booster would connect to your preferred VPN location and exclusively play while connected over VPN.


Other than that, all of our boosters are specifically briefed on any and all situations that might happen to bring your account at risk and how to avoid them. We are in constant communication with our boosters, and in turn, with you, so you will be up to date with all information regarding your order.

Even with the use of these methods, there's no bulletproof way to keep your account safe. Piloted PvP boosts are risky, especially for high rating boosts and you should keep that in mind.


Coaching - Coaching services truly provide you with everything you need to become a better player. Playing with the right players just might be what you need to help you reach this rating. If you are willing to learn and put your time in, you could certainly do it! Even if you fail one season, you will get closer and closer as you gradually improve. Coaching is hourly based and gives you a lot of customization in the approach that you want to take.

Buying an account - The account section can come very useful if you want to have access to a Gladiator character, on a new and fresh account. There are absolutely no risks involved, and we would not never advise this option if we did not completely trust it. You can also save A LOT of money with it! We have helped many customers with this service, and they were very satisfied about their choice as we guarantee a character of a Gladiator degree for a lifetime. If you lose access to the character for a fault that is not yours, we are obliged to get you another one.