Karazhan Run - Pilot Master Loot in WoW TBC

Karazhan Run - Pilot Master Loot

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This is not available on your chosen realm but you can buy anyways and create demand. If you open this service, you can learn more and also see where we have supply for this service.
Karazhan Run - Selfplay Master Loot in WoW TBC

Karazhan Run - Selfplay Master Loot

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This is not available on your chosen realm but you can buy anyways and create demand. If you open this service, you can learn more and also see where we have supply for this service.

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Karazhan is the first 10-man raid experience that will be available within the TBC Classic expansion! It consists of 12 boss encounters. You will be traversing Medivh’s old tower in the Deadwind Pass, cursed and brought to ruins by Sargeras. Other than fighting with the cursed remains of Medivh’s entourage and all the spirits left to wander that came to exploit the tower’s power, you will also be solving the Opera House conundrum, as well as playing a grand chess game within the Chess Event. After numerous wars and throughout the years of various ravaging by the types of Sataiel, Sargeras and Tenris Mirkblood, the tower is now the coagulated purgatory of all the damned souls trapped inside trying either to destroy the tower, or to save it. The mages of the Violet Eye have provided you with an opportunity to try your hand at the fate of the abandoned tower. Will you heed their call?


We offer a lot of services for Karazhan TBC Raid Boosts and carries! In order to make your visit to Medivh’s tower as seamless as possible, we have prepared a lot of services that we will be able to perform for you. As it is customary, whatever you envision, we will be able to do it. Regardless if you are looking to better your gear through VIP Trade Runs, or the thrill of the kill through Full clear runs, we will have all your needs and expectations met. To ensure that you bask in all the glory as well as upgrade your gear and accessories during your visit, all the gear trading will be done through Master Loot. In case you’re worried about not having The Master’s Key, fret not - all our boosters have already completed the attunement and will be able to provide you access to the tower with ease. Regardless of your schedule and availability, all of our services will be available in a Selfplay and Piloted forms. All our adventurers, from new to old, will be provided a possibility to purchase insurance that ensures a specific amount of gear (or specific items) to each and every every single one of you, meaning that if it takes multiple runs to acquire, those runs will be completed for you on each reset until that amount, or specific piece of gear drops. In case the odds are in your favour, and the items drop on the first run, the entire insurance cost will be refunded to you in BlazingPoints.


There are many ways to go about conquering the ancient Tower, and if you prefer experiencing it yourself, then the Selfplay option would be for you. You will be able to live through each experience hidden within the ruins yourself, while ensuring that you gear up, as well as enjoy a slew of glory and reputation (The Violet Eye sees all). Our valiant boosters will even be happy to provide their spoils to you through the VIP Trader option. With this, your armor, weapons and accessories will all be Epic in no time. This will be done through Master Loot, with which all the items that you need will be transferred directly to your portmanteau. Remember, you can always choose the amount of VIP Traders that will join you on your escapade. Each item of your desire will also be able to be chosen before the venture, but beware; no item is ever guaranteed to drop, so multiple attempts may be necessary. This is where our Insurance has you covered.


In case you are interested in being able to explore your own ventures outside the realm while our boosters make sure you bask in all the glory on offer, then you should consider our Piloted services. In case you don’t have the time to put towards the raid yourself, all the commodities available within (gear, reputation, and anything in between) will be provided to you, as if you were there yourself. You can choose all the same VIP Trader options, choose the same items that you want for yourself, and any other possible thing you could think of, just like with our Selfplay services. However, you need to beware the risk. Adventurers who opt in for these kinds of services have a higher chance of being struck by a Blizzard, but we implore methods that ensure the service will be performed with minimum risk possible. All of these details will be discussed with you after you purchase your raid run!


Regardless of the seeming intrigue woven into many of the Tower’s activities, the threats within are not to be taken lightly. All the adventurers treading through the rotting gates are looking for ways to gear up. Thankfully, throughout all the wars, a lot of valuable artifacts have been gathering dust in the deepest crevices of it’s spiral. One of the most prestigious things that you can acquire are the Gloves and Helmet of the Fallen Defender (T4 tokens). For those of you that have a clang to your armor, the legendary axe of the Hellscream bloodline, Gorehowl, will certainly be peaking your interest.


The rest of the possible loot can be seen below.


Armor/Accessory Drops - https://prnt.sc/15lsi97

Trinket Drops - https://prnt.sc/15lslc3

Weapon Drops - https://prnt.sc/15lsog1


Before committing to your explorations, you will need to make sure to pick your realm from our Realm Filter. Since any and all progress in TBC is completely realm locked, we are constantly expanding our roster of boosters, and trying to have as many realms covered on all the available servers. In case we have no boosters on your realm, you can always purchase the service to create demand. In this case, it usually takes 1-6 weeks for us to develop a reliable booster base on your realm. If this timeframe is breached for whatever reason, you would be eligible for a 110% refund of the entire price of your order in BlazingPoints. Do not forget that Karazhan’s gates have just recently been unveiled, so by doing this, other than helping yourself, you will be helping those around you. Even though it might take time, we can assure you that your service will be completed as soon as humanly possible, approached with the utmost care and proficiency. Never hesitate to reach out and ask for an update, as we will always be available for you.


In order to maintain the level of business and service that we have upheld so far, we focus greatly on transparency. As you should already know, all boosting services carry a certain risk. The highest risk factor is pertained in Piloted services, where our booster is inclined to log in to your account. In order to combat the risk when performing Piloted services, we use a combination of VPN and SafeCarry (whatever configuration you prefer). In general, we greatly suggest that you ALWAYS consider the Selfplay service first, since it eliminates virtually all the risk carried by Piloted services. Selfplay does require your personal involvement, so please do not feel afraid, ashamed or any kind of related emotion in terms of your own abilities. In case you have ANY kind of doubts, please inform us and we will find the most adequate approach for your order. In case you accept the risk of Piloted services, they are available for virtually all of the aforementioned services above.