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The Discounted Arena Combos is a newly made category for WoW Coaching.
The category was made due to high availability of some coachers on EU and US regions, and the principle of the services is the same as with our regular Coaching.
However there are a few key differences:
- Time limited offer ( valid until the 15th of December )
- Discounted services ( 12% for EU and 17% for US )
- No price difference between the regions
- Limited amount of available coachers/comps

At Blazingboost, we are excited to offer our services at a discounted rate whenever it is possible. Our goal is to help you improve and enjoy yourself in the game we all love.


Do I lose access to my account? Is it safe?

Coaching services fall under the category of a selfplay service, which means that nobody besides you will have the information or the ability to access your account.
This service is not an account sharing service, so you will be playing on your account and your character with our coachers.

We have been providing these type of services for years, and we have never had any issues, so it's safe to say that it's a 100% safe.

Why BlazingBoost?

We are on the market since 2012. Our support team consists of people who actively play the games that we support.
We want you to learn how to become a better player, save time and enjoy yourself in the aspect of the game you like the most.

Our long-term experience on the market taught us a few of the most important things that a customer needs:
- a truthful and precise time of completion of an order
- an honest price with high quality 
- customer support that is active for all your doubts or questions, 24/7/365

We believe the customer is always right and we will respect your consumer rights according to our Terms and Conditions. We focus on transparency and delivering a positive and fun experience. If you want to know more of how we work, you can browse our Trustpilot reviews and shop with a peace of mind!

Why should I buy this service?

Coaching services are designed to help you learn by playing with pro players. If you feel stuck or you don't know what your are doing wrong, but you wish to progress with your skill, knowledge and experience, then this is the service for you.
The Discounted Arena Combos service is the same as the regular coaching, but it's a limited time offer, so if the available combos and deals fit you, then you shouldn't miss the opportunity to buy the service at a convenient price!

How does this work?

We always advise adding us on Discord - "BlazingBoost SL#2020". This way you will be able to receive a lot more information about the services and which combos are available depending on the service you wish to purchase.
On this page you will be able to browse between various discounted offers, and if an offer fits you, you will be redirected to a page where you'll be able to choose the amount of hours you wish to buy.
After paying for the service, if we are not in contact on Discord already, now is the time. As soon as the service is assigned, you will be made a conference/group chat with the assigned coacher/coachers where you will be in direct contact to arrange further details, schedule a play time and discuss the service in general.
Our coachers are obliged to teach you and do their best to help you become a better player!