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Play Chill & Have Fun With Pros in Apex Legends
2-48 Hours Estimated Completion Time

Play Chill & Have Fun With Pros

We support all platforms. Play with the best, have fun, and truly enjoy Apex Legends with great team mates!


With this service, you are renting an Apex Pro player to play with you some Ranked Battle Royale / Ranked Arena games, or any Unranked activity, for the hours you have selected on the previous page. You can make this choice by choosing the checkboxes above, on this page. You can also choose if you want to be on voice.

In the previous page, if you chose the option to play with two pros "Play with 2 pros simultaneously", we will grant you two players of course.

Simply put, we will grant you a great team mate to play with, have fun, and practice!

This service does not include coaching and an in-depth learning experience; therefore, you can expect basic tips and pointers in order to improve your gameplay, and you can expect to win some games to rank up (if you choose to play Ranked); although we are unable to guarantee any result.

For a detailed coaching service, please visit our Hardcore Coaching+Gameplay pages.
To reach a specific Rank, please visit our Ranked Battle Royale boost and Ranked Arena boost pages. 

Requirements & Rules

- After your purchase, we will get you in touch with our assigned player(s) in a Discord conference, so you can schedule and play together for your chosen hours.
- Voice communication is available for free, if you want it. 
- This service cannot guarantee a specific Rank or Rating. However, by playing with great pros, we do expect you to gain some points!
- This is not a coaching service. Therefore, you can certainly ask questions and you will receive tips and some guidance, but please consider the Coaching services (with or without gameplay) if your goal is to learn.


What happens after purchasing?

After purchasing, our system will ask you to insert your contact information and some other details (your Discord, Email, Platform). There are also some optional fields such as 'Note' if you have a specific comment or request, or your 'Whatsapp Number'. As soon as we see your order in our panel, we will immediately contact our pros and inform them of your purchase; we will then assign the order and create a group conference with you on Discord, where you can play.

How do I get in touch with you?

We support our services through Discord. Our Discord account is: “BlazingBoost Apex Legends#3206”.
Please send us a friend request, as we will need to get you in touch with your assigned coacher(s) in a group conference!

So what is the exact purpose of this service?

With the 'Play chill & have fun' service, you are in control! You can choose to play Ranked Arenas / BR, or Unranked. You can also choose if you wish to be on voice with our pros. This service exists because some of our customers just love to come back home and play with a nice team, without much stress, and just to really have a good time, learn something, and have fun. That's why in-depth coaching is not included, and in fact the price is also lower.

How long will the order take? What is an ETA?

An ETA is an estimate of how long the order should take under normal conditions. We love being honest with our customer base – it is impossible for us to be exactly sure about the length of your service, but we will always do our best to stay within the estimate by contacting all of our available boosters as soon as we receive your order!

What if I'm unhappy with the service or with my pros?

No problem, we are aware that this can happen. Personality, sense of humour or conflicting schedules can certainly qualify you to ask for a new team. Feel free to inform us on Discord of any issue you are facing with your team and we will promptly reassign your order. 

What is your refund policy?

As a short sum up, you can always ask for a cash refund if:
A = Your order is unsuccessful or is taking too long (having greatly surpassed the ETA, for example).
B = We have not assigned your order yet or organized anything for it to start. If you want to change service (even during its completion or after its assignment), we always offer Credit refunds so that you can choose something else. For a detailed explanation of all of our Terms of Service and Refunds policies, please visit

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