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What is Trophy Road in Brawl Stars?

Trophy Road is almost like a points system, tracking all of your total Trophies accumulated so far with all of your Brawlers and can reach 50.000 Trophies. It serves as a representation of your dedication to the BS by ranking you higher on the local and global leaderboards the more Trophies you have as well as rewarding you with Star Points every two weeks by removing some of your Brawler Trophies if you have accumulated over 550 of them.

Why should I buy Trophy Road Boost for Brawl Stars?

Although the ranking and Star Points are a reward in itself, even more importantly, as you progress along the Trophy Road, you will reach certain milestones. Each of these milestones will hold some kind of reward that you can claim. These rewards can be crucial in boosting your progress in Brawl Stars and range from simple coins and power points to Token doublers, Mega Boxes, and even 10 awesome Brawlers. However, with 50.000 Trophies to grab in total, and gaining only about 8 Trophies on average per game, it can take a very long time to reach the top with a daily gaming time of an average player. Boosters on the other hand are professional players who invest tens of hours daily into completing services assigned to them, which makes the process of farming your trophies ultra fast. By buying our Trophy Road boosting service, you are ensuring a huge daily income of BS Trophies, speeding up your Trophy road considerably, and ensuring that you do not miss out on any of the rewards.