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Coaching services in EA FC 24 are designed to let you learn from the best and improve your skills as a player.

The majority of our customers are busy gamers who are in love with this game but are busy in real life with a job, family, and real life responsibilities.

FC 24 Ultimate team is one of the most competitive and popular games out there. Performing well in game modes such as FUT Champions can be very exhausting and stressful. Gaining the necessary knowledge and coaching can very well be the difference between enjoying the game to the fullest and wanting to break your controller after a long and hard day of working.

Our Rank 1 and Tournament Pro players with years of FIFA experience are here to help and share their knowledge, helping you learn all the effective methods used by the top 1% players and dominate your opponents with ease.



How does FC 24 Coaching work? Do I have to share my EA account?

After purchasing an FC 24 Coaching service, you do NOT have to share your EA account! You will either be having one on one sessions or playing with professional players, depending on the type of coaching service you have chosen to purchase.

Once your payment has been completed, please add us on Discord at "blazingboosteafc" and we will get you in touch with your assigned pro player. You can agree on specific times for the sessions according to your own schedule.

What are the benefits of getting an FC 24 Coaching service?

The aim is to become a better player, learn, and have fun with amazing and professional FIFA players. Having real-life responsibilities and staying competitive in tournaments such as FUT Champions and Division Rivals can prove to be difficult to a lot of gamers.

Specifically, some of the benefits of getting an FC 24 Coaching service are:

  • 100% account safety. You will not have to share your EA account with anyone, you get to play on your own account while one of our pro players analyzes your gameplay or even jumps in and plays with you if you have chosen the ‘Play with a pro’ service.
  • You will significantly improve many aspects of your FC 24 gameplay, both on a macro and micro level.
  • You will learn about a lot of hidden strategies and highly-effective game plans in FC 24 Ultimate team through your coaching sessions, both on and off the field.

Who is going to be my FC 24 Coach?

All our FC 24 Coaches are routinely tested, and background checked. This ensures you will always be matched with players who:


  • Are professional and good at having personal interactions with customers.
  • Have a good teaching oriented mindset and excellent communication skills.
  • Have consistently played EA FC 24 at an extremely high level. Most of our players have experience in major FIFA tournaments.
  • Have been getting Rank 1 (up to 20-0) in FUT Champions Finals as well as the Elite Division in Rivals.

Do I have to talk during my FUT Coaching sessions?

You are not obliged to, but voice communication is heavily encouraged. With our FC 24 Coaching services, our players will certainly get their headsets on and talk to you, guiding you through all the elements of the game and ensuring you learn as many things as possible!

Why should I choose BlazingBoost for my FUT Coaching service?

We are passionate gamers as you are. We've been in the industry since 2012, and with so many years of experience, we've also earned high expertise in ecommerce and customer relationships. Simply put, we are perfectly aware of what consumers want online.

Consumer rights must be respected. Strange refund rules not to give back your money are forbidden by the law and by best business practices. We work hard to ensure you are always safe and that all your consumer rights are respected.

  • High speed at a good price.
  • Competent and friendly players.
  • Precise support available 24/7 that gives you clear and direct answers, rather than letting you waste time for hours without getting to a solution.
  • If you wish to know more, simply check out our Trustpilot and see what others think of us! With 34k+ reviews, we have the best Trustpilot in the industry.