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The FUT Champions Qualification process can be a quite boring and time-consuming grind. You would have to spend a significant portion of your time across 2 stages: Farming FUT Champions qualification points and taking part in the FUT champions playoffs.

You will first have to spend hours farming 1,250 Division Rivals points throughout the week. The number of points gained depends on your current Division, the lower your rank stands the slower the entire process becomes. After completing the grind, you would then proceed to the playoffs stage.

The FUT Champions Playoffs is the first stage of the overall FUT Champions competition, where players will have to compete in another 10 matches. A minimum of 4 wins would be required for you to take a spot in the 20-match finals.



How do I qualify for the FUT Champions Finals?

FUT Champions is the most popular game mode in EA Sports FC 24 and consists of 2 stages: The Playoffs and The Finals. The FUT Champions playoffs are the first part of the highly competitive tournament and consists of 10 total matches. Players are required to earn a minimum of 4 wins in order to qualify for the Finals stage.

To qualify for the FUT Champions Playoffs, you must farm 1,250 Champions Qualification Points. The number of points you earn per match depends on your current rank in Division Rivals. There are two ways to get these points:


  • Playing Rivals:

You can play as many Division Rivals matches as you want, gathering Qualification Points per match and improving your chances of qualifying to the finals. Once you’ve accumulated enough points, you’ll be automatically entered into the FUT Champions Playoffs, and your run for that entry can begin when you are ready to play.

At the end of each Division Rivals match, you earn qualification points based on your division and the match result. At the end of the week you also earn points based on the division you are in when the weekly reset arrives.


  • Playing Champions Finals:

Every time you compete in a FUT Champions Finals campaign, you also earn Champions Qualification Points. The better you rank, the higher number of points you earn.

How do the FUT Champions Playoffs work?

The FUT Champions Playoffs are the first stage of the competition. You must first earn 1,250 Qualification Points to gain access to it. The only way to do so is by playing Division Rivals and FUT Champions Finals.

You have a limited number of playoff entries per season. This limit resets with the start of each new season, which usually occurs every six weeks.

Players are required to compete in a total of 10 matches. Each win grants +4 points and losses grant +1 point. A total of 20 points (or 4 wins and 6 losses) are required for you to reach rank 5 and earn a token which you may use to enter the FUT Champions Finals.

Is the FUT Champions Qualification process hard?

Farming 1,250 Qualification Points is not difficult by itself, but it can be very time-consuming and sometimes even boring considering it has to be done on a regular basis. This is especially the case at lower divisions since the number of points you receive per match played will be significantly lower.

Unfortunately not all players qualify for the FUT Champions Finals. As a matter of fact, many of them find themselves stuck in the playoffs stage. Getting 4 wins out of 10 might seem simple and straightforward on paper, but keep in mind that this is the most competitive mode in Ultimate Team, with millions of players competing for the biggest rewards in EA FC 24 all around the globe.

What are the rewards from FC 24 FUT Champions Playoffs?

Rank 1: 40 Points (10 Wins)

  • Finals Qualification
  • x1 Mega Pack
  • x1 Rare Players Pack
  • x1 Jumbo Rare Players Pack

Rank 2: 36-39 Points (9 Wins)

  • FUT Champions Finals Qualification
  • x2 Small Rare Gold Players Pack
  • x1 Prime Gold Players Pack
  • x1 Rare Mega Pack

Rank 3: 32-35 Points (8 Wins)

  • FUT Champions Finals Qualification
  • x2 Small Prime Gold Players Pack
  • x2 Rare Gold Pack
  • x1 Jumbo Premium Gold Players Pack

Rank 4: 26-31 Points (6 Wins)

  • FUT Champions Finals Qualification
  • x1 Rare Gold Pack
  • x2 Mega Pack

Rank 5: 20-25 Points (4 Wins)    

  • FUT Champions Finals Qualification
  • x1 Small Prime Gold Players Pack
  • x2 Rare Gold Pack

Rank 6: 12-19 Points (1 Win)

  • 400 FUT Champions Qualification Points
  • x2 Gold Players Pack
  • x1 Jumbo Premium Gold Pack

Rank 7: 4-11 Points (0 Wins, play at least 4 matches)    

  • x2 Jumbo Premium Gold Pack