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EA FC 24 Ultimate Team has some ultra competitive and unforgiving game modes similar to previous FIFA installments. Your FUT Squad is the foundation of your success and the single most important element in the entire game. Having a strong team will significantly increase your chances of dominating your opponent, and we’re here to help you do exactly that.

Millions of players around the world are constantly upgrading their FUT Squad on a daily basis, and sometimes it can be quite difficult to keep up, especially as a busy gamer with real life responsibilities.

If you sometimes feel like your FUT squad is being left behind, worry not, we got your back. Our services are specifically designed to help you master the most effective methods of creating a highly competitive squad and maintaining it throughout the year. You will also learn the right ways of picking the right Player Evolutions depending on your playstyle.



How important is my FUT Squad?

The quality of your squad in FC 24 Ultimate Team is the single most important element in the entire game and is crucial to your success.

Having a strong team is simply a must. Staying competitive in game modes such as FUT Champions and Division Rivals requires you to have highly effective players at your disposal and always keep your squad updated throughout the year, no matter your budget.

How can I build a starter squad in FC 24?

Unfortunately coins are hard to come by in FC 24 Ultimate Team, this is especially the case for beginners or players who have just started out playing the game mode.

Building a FUT starter team can be a challenging task, especially if you don’t have huge amounts of coins at your disposal. Things even get harder if you start playing Ultimate Team during the later stages and seasons of the game.

With our Squad Building services, one of our professional fifa players will guide you and give you all the necessary knowledge required to build the most efficient FUT Squad using advanced techniques and hidden meta players, no matter your budget.

How can I improve my FUT Squad?

Consistently maintaining a high quality team in FC 24 throughout all the stages of the year is extremely important. If you want to keep up and stay competitive in the online/ranked game modes, you will have to make sure to update your team on a regular basis.

There are multiple factors to take into consideration such as Team and Player Chemistry, Player Ratings, Playstyles and much more. All of which have to be cohesive to your own style of play.

Whether you have a ton of coins at your disposal, or you’re on a tight budget, our Squad Building Services will help you create and maintain your personalized team in FC 24.