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What is LoL Boost?

LoL Boost is a series of services that allow players to level up or climb in Rank very fast. Some services require you to lend your account to a professional booster who will win a lot of matches for you, thus boosting your level and/or your rank. Other types of services will allow you to play alongside a professional player. These services have the double advantage of boosting your account but also coaching you to become a better player.

What is Elo Boosting?

Elo Boosting specifically concern ranked games. Elo is a system that determines how skilled you are compared to other players. Basically, the more games you win against tougher opponents the higher your Elo. Elo boosting will make you climb ranks extremely fast and put you up against some of the toughest players in LoL.

What type of League of Legends boosts can you buy?

  • Solo Queue Boost

    Get your Leagure of Legends Elo boost extremely fast

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  • Duo Queue Boost

    With this service, you get to gain rank by playing your account alongside a pro-player in Duo Queue. If you want to become a better League of Legends player this service is perfect for you. We offer the possibility of playing alongside pro-players and getting coached by them. Whether you want to diversify your skills or master one this service is for you.

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  • Full Ranked Team

    Join a Full ranked team of the Rank that you want. Pros will boost a team to the League you have asked for.

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  • Placement Matches

    Your 10 placement matches determine in what League you start when you start playing rank or at the beginning of the season. If you want to start in a high League this service is made for you.

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  • What happens if somebody contacts you in game while you are boosting my account?

    Our boosters will never answer if they are contacted in game and they will never reveal that they are boosting your account.

  • Can I login to my account while you are boosting it?

    No. If you keep logging on the account while the booster is on it, it will compromise the security of your account and you will likely get banned through no fault of our own. We reject responsibility if this happens.

  • What measures do you take to make sure my account is not banned due to something you have done?

    In order to guarantee your security we are using VPN servers. That makes your account 100% safe. It's a totally additional cost of development we are more than happy to support in order to guarantee a customer satisfaction. However if you are going around saying that you got boosted, please remember that we can't be responsible if anything wrong might happen to you. We have boosted thousands of customers in the past in multiple games and we are experienced with the methods they are using to track boosts. If you will experience any trouble because of a fault coming from your side we will not be responsible, but we will still support you in order to resolve the issue in case it does happen (it never happened to date - that's why we use special VPN)

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