ETA: Flexible


  • ETAs are estimates and are calculated on our expectations and previous experiences. We have completed leveling services in WoW Classic and in WoW TBC release days, and we know that there can be some server lag, huge login queues, or World PvP that can slow the booster down, especially at the start of the expansion.

  • In general, our specific refund policy for WOTLK Leveling obliges us to refund you partially in cash (or in Credit, with a bonus) according to the levels that are not done yet once the ETA expires. This can certainly be done if it’s clear that it’s the booster’s own fault and the server is stable and playable.

    Keep in mind, however, that you can also choose for bonuses or end game compensations. They can be far more convenient, even if you are level 80 1-2 days later than expected!

If you order a Priority or Super Priority leveling and the completion time is not proportionally shortened, we are obliged to refund you the extra cost of the priority option according to how slower the booster was.


  • Blazingboost focuses on transparency. It is impossible for us to guarantee you absolute safety for account sharing. Even if we will use the highest level of protection available in the market, it is still possible for Blizzard to trace account sharing activities with deep investigations that they can randomly carry out.

  • In fact, Blizzard may decide to target account sharing activities at the start of the expansion and this would not be a surprise, as they start focusing on Gold selling a few weeks later (usually). Do not trust sellers who promise you the moon with absolute safety when account sharing is involved - it is simply NOT true! If you get suspended on your Classic license, your Shadowlands license can also be affected.

  • Our suggestions:

    - Consider our Order a Character section. The only account sharing moment will be your first login on your new account, but this risk can be minimized with the appropriate waiting time and our advices.

    - Get boosted in account sharing on a separate license or another Battle Net (your choice); if you get caught, you can still play your main account and after your short suspension you will have skipped the boring leveling grind!

    - Consider leveling on your own and using our website for Selfplay services once you are level 80. Raids, dungeons, Arena Coaching services etc are 100% safe and recommended.

    - Do not buy a lot of gold for GDKP raid runs. It can attract a lot of attention.

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Wrath of the Lich King. World of Warcraft - Classic is back to offer us a great nostalgia trip!
The time has finally come and we'll get to enjoy the return of Naxxramas, Trial of the Crusader and then the best set of raids WotLK has to offer - Ulduar and The Icecrown Citadel. One of the most popular systems ever is also coming for WoW Classic players. Achievements!

There is a lot to look forward to, and a lot to expect, but if you played the expansion back then, you will surely enjoy it thoroughly once again. It's been 14 years though, hence why most of us are going to be far busier! And that's where BlazingBoost comes in for you.

In order to get to experience the best of Wrath of the Lich king, you have to first reach the max level, and that is why we offer the WotLK leveling boost with different customization options. We all know you want that Hero Class at max level: we'll help you get your Death Knight to the level cap (LVL 80) quickly in WOTLK, or ensure you have a fresh start in the game with the best gear available.
Among the options, we certainly suggest considering Heroic Dungeons, reputation farming, flying, and more. They are available to ensure you can customize your Leveling Boost in WoW Classic - Wrath of the Lich King.

WoW Classic leveling boosts will start with the release of the expansion on September 26th. They are done by real people and levelled through questing or dungeon farming.

We offer multiple ways of approaching the safety precautions of the service to minimize the risks the service has to offer.
With our system, our boosters daily give updates themselves, though we can also give updates on request. Our support team works 24/7/365 and therefore is able to help you out at any time of the day!

In order for us to complete a Wotlk Leveling boost, you need to have an active WoW subscription and a character created on your account that you wish for us to level.

With the nerf to dungeon farming with mages a lot of players have characters that they've enjoyed and created memories within The Burning Crusade, however, it also creates a big time investment to keep enjoying them in WoW WOTLK.

Manually leveling through questing and 5 man dungeons seems to best way to level, unless some changes are made once again. 
We will be performing a variety of level carries up to the release and after. 

Any combination of leveling is available, such as 1-80 most demanded Blood elfs & Draenai but also sought after for newer alts, 55-80 for Death knights, 70-80 for your current max level characters in TBC, and more!

If you have a specific time during which you want the booster to level, it is also an option! Feel free to leave a note in the order and we'll do as instructed. Keep in mind that limitations of the availability of the account may impact the estimated time of completion.
Our boosters use the best WotLK leveling guides up to date and have also innovated and practiced the leveling routes to make the leveling experience smooth and fast.


What is a 'Wrath of the Lich King (WOTLK) Level boosting'?

Purchasing a Leveling boost in WOTLK means that another professional player will help you reach the max level. In World of Warcraft - Wrath of the Lich King, the max level is level 80! We are going back in time and enjoying Northrend to its fullest.  

How does a WOTLK Leveling boost work practically?

After purchasing a WOTLK Leveling Boost at, we will:
- find a professional player that can complete your service
- communicate with you on the way and answer any question and doubt
- as soon as the player is assigned to your service, we will coordinate the procedure
- according to the service system you used, our player will log on your account and get level 80, or he will create a new account (visit the Order a Character page for this system)

Level 80 is supposed to take from 3 to 5 days in normal conditions, starting from level 70. Therefore, our player should always be done within a week, no exceptions made. The service will be completed with the safest systems available in the market. 

What are the main new features and characters in WOTLK?

The game introduced a huge amount of new features, most notably:

- Achievements (the pinnacle activity for any collector!)
- Different raid modes and difficulties
- LFG system
- Death Knights, a new Hero Class starting at level 55
- Large BGs such as Wintergrasp
and much more! 

What are the new characteristics and skills available in WotLK?

With the release of the prepatch we are immediately given a new talent tree which speeds up the leveling experience significantly as well as makes the gameplay a lot smoother. Spell damage and Spell healing is combined and now provides a single stat called Spell Power which makes the gear a lot more accessible but also heavily contested. Dual Talent Specialization also comes in play which makes playing multiple specializations a lot more accessible combined with the spell power change and saves up significantly on gold for respecs. Those are the most important changes, however, there are also a lot of other stat changes such as hit, haste & armour penetration.

What new experiences can you encounter while leveling in WotLK?

There are a lot of nostalgic zones in Northrend that are coming back once again to grace us with their stunning landscapes and great music.
The zones are the following:

  1. Borean Tundra / Howling Fjord.
  2. Dragonblight.
  3. Grizzly Hills.
  4. Zul’Drak.
  5. Sholazar.
  6. Storm Peaks / Icecrown.

The leveling is usually followed up in that order too questing-wise unless some dungeons are thrown in the mix. 
The journey takes around 20-30 hours during release, though greatly diminishes as there is less competition later on.

Is it safe to get a level 80 boost in WoW Wotlk Classic?

Account sharing can never be 100% safe, but we ensure to reduce the risks as much as possible by using Specific VPN software. You will be asked which Country AND City you're based out of to get the closest possible result.

Is my account information safe with your WoTLK classic level boosting services?

We only use previously tested boosters, and boosters who have been working along side us for years. Every single new booster is given multiple "fake" orders for which they are paid in full. We assign orders only after we are 100% certain that a player is legitimate and once they sign our Contract which holds them accountable legally.

Why Blazingboost for my powerleveling boost in WOTLK?

After 10 years in this market, we know how important your safety is but we also understand how a specific price point has to be met. For those reasons we use Premium VPN software for account sharing orders and we always hold the market standard. Getting an exclusive and premium service doesn't mean you have to pay a premium. Not with us at least. Get your WotLK Leveling boost now!

What happens if something goes wrong?

If something goes wrong with your order due to anything done by us as a company or the booster, you will be compensated or refunded in cash/points according to the case. We never run from responsibility, you are our number one priority.

Why should I buy a WotLK Leveling boost?

The predominant audience for WotLK is expected to be in their 30's, someone who works a full time job, has a family and real world responsibilities. If you are one of those people, we can help you be ahead of the pack instead of behind. Don't put yourself in a situation where you can't find a group because you're under geared, or simply not max level.
You shouldn't be punished for having a life! We're here to make that happen.

Is there a safer alternative for my WOTLK Leveling boost?

Our tried and true "Order a character" system is available for WotLK Leveling boost orders as well. It is much safer as there is only one instance of account sharing (delivery of the account). 

Why is "Order a character" better for my powerleveling boost in WOTLK?

In addition to being much safer, you also never lose access to your main account and you never have to share it with anyone even for a WotLK leveling boost. The new account would be delivered to you with a finished character according to your choice on the slider & the options you pick.