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Bitcoin Farm in Escape from Tarkov
9999 Estimated Completion Time

Bitcoin Farm

Bitcoin Farm can provide PMCs with a passive income in Escape from Tarkov. Let our Pros farm and build it for you. In the additional options, you can choose additional Graphics Cards and Fuel canisters, as well as building Scav Case.


Bitcoin in Escape from Tarkov is attached to the real price of Bitcoin, so it may fluctuate and be cheap or expensive at different times. It has a price of 0.2 BTC at all times. But even if its price drops very low, it is still more than enough to cover the price of the fuel in the generator, so that you can use your other modules, such as crafting stations, without considering fuel expenses. Apart from simply selling it, you can buy pretty useful containers via Bitcoin, such as Weapon Case and T H I C C Weapon Case.

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