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Booze Generator in Escape from Tarkov
9999 Estimated Completion Time

Booze Generator

Booze Generator can provide PMCs with a passive income in Escape from Tarkov from the Hideout. Let our Pros take the shortest way to farming and building it for you. In the additional options, you can choose additional Fuel canisters for your Generator.


Booze Generator can be very profitable for your PMC, especially early in the wipe, when the price of Sugar is pretty low. You can freely create Moonshine for either selling at a hefty price, or you could use it with your Scav Case, as the Moonshine run gets you the best items from it. Additionally, you can use Moonshine to barter for great items, such as Weapon Case, T H I C C Weapon Case, night-vision goggles, thermal sight, and class 6 body armor.

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