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Collector Quest in Escape from Tarkov
1-12 hrs Estimated Starting Time
Flexible Estimated Completion Time

Kappa Container - Collector Quest Completion

Complete the Collector Quest and claim your Kappa Container!


Through this service, you’ll be able to get your hands on one of the rarest items in all of Tarkov: the elusive Kappa Secure Container.Our pro players will help you complete the Collector, one of the most difficult quests in the game, and obtain the single most sought after item in all of EFT.

As this quest is extremely difficult, time consuming and involves a lot of RNG, it is only available through account sharing. If you’re interested in completing the Collector alongside one or more Sherpas, please submit a Service Request.


  • The Collector Quest Completed
  • The Kappa Secure Container obtained on your account
  • All Traders raised to Max Level
  • Any and all loot & currency earned during the quest completion
  • Significant XP gains
  • 100% transparency and anonymity; our boosters will keep things strictly confidential


1.After purchasing, we will get in touch on Discord to start organizing your order! Our website's LiveChat can guide you on the way if you need help.

2.We will match you with a pro and organize everything to do with your service, while of course keeping you up to date through the whole process!

3.Since this service can only be completed through account-sharing, we will put you in touch with your assigned booster through an anonymous Account Sharing Channel, where you can schedule login times and receive constant updates.

Partial Completion

If you've made singificant progress towards completing the Collector, we can provide a discount for each acquired item. Please contact us on Discord so that we may arrange this.


Clock's Ticking!

Clock's Ticking!

The race to complete the Collector is on! Don't waste your wipe grinding for weeks on end! Have fun, and when you're done, we'll take the reins!
Beat the burnout!

Beat the burnout!

What's the point of getting Kappa if you're burned out by the end of it? Save yourself a headache and let us do it for you!

24/7 Customer Support

24/7 Customer Support

Have any questions? We're always here to help.

Requirements & Rules

  • You will be asked to share your account’s login details.
  • You need to be at least level 48 to start the Collector Quest.
  • You need to have all prerequisite quests completed. If you’re missing any other quests, you should check out our Quests page so we can get those done too!
  • Patience. This quest is RNG-based, and can take significant time to complete.


What happens right after purchasing?

After you've completed your purchase, our system will ask you for your order information and ask you to join our Discord Server, where we'll be arranging your order. Once you've arrived, we'll assign you a booster and sort out any other necessary steps before your order can start. You'll also be recieveing constant updates throughout the entire process, so make sure to keep an eye out for messages from us!

How do we communicate on Discord?

Here's a full explanation of the procedure:

  1. Firstly, we'll need you to hop into this Discord server right here:
    We call it the ‘Contact-Only’ Server. You'll be able to message all of our support departments directly from this server without needing to send out friend requests, and also, this will be the place where your Account Sharing convos will be hosted, so make sure to join! Please note that this server looks empty on purpose for your privacy – nobody can see you, so you're completely anonymous.
  2. Once you have joined the server, you can message us at TBD
  3. We will communicate in a Discord Group Conference that we will create once you are in touch with us. The conference will contain all of our Destiny support accounts, so that all of our team can chat with you 24/7/365 with no downtime.

You may also receive an invitation via email if you do not complete this process.

Make sure you do not leave the Discord server(s) or unfriend our accounts after your purchase is completed. If you do, you'll need to repeat this process whenever you make another purchase.

Can I contact you on your website’s Livechat? 

Of course! Our 24/7 LiveChat support team is ready to assist you at any time, with any issue you might have! They are highly capable and trained to handle issues for any game on our roster, so feel free to ask away.

However, if you've bought from BlazingBoost before, we strongly encourage you to communicate us directly through Discord since this allows us to have a direct view of all our chat histories, and lets us keep everything nice and tidy, all in one place.

Will I be in touch with my assigned booster?

Of course. During any of our services you'll be put into direct communication with your pro through either a Sherpa or Account Sharing convo, both of which will be named using your Order ID(s). Sherpa convos put you in direct contact with your booster through a standard Discord group chat, where the two of you will be able to coordinate your playtime and chat during your service. As previously mentioned, we'll always recommend Sherpa services due to them being much, much safer than Piloted services.

Speaking of, if you purchased a Piloted service, you'll be put into contact through a channel created on our Contact-Only server. Here, you'll be able to schedule your booster's login, exchange login details and provide 2FA access codes so that they may enter your account.

If at any point during your service you feel like you need our support team's assistance, they'll always be available to lend a helping hand. Feel free to message them on Discord as needed.

Is my BSG account safe?

That largely depends on the sort of service you purchase. While Sherpa services are generally bulletproof, no pun intended, Piloted services carry an element of risk due to them being ToS-unfriendly. If you get caught account sharing, you'll either experience a progress rollback, have the items / currency / quests you'd ordered removed, or have your account suspended.

Rest assured, we take every precaution possible to ensure your account's safety, such as coordinating login times and having our boosters always use a mandatory VPN when connecting to your account.

What is an “ETA”?

An 'ETA' or 'Estimated Time of Arrival' is what we call the estimated time it will take for your service to get started or completed. ETAs correspond to the usual assignment and completion time for your service. You can see ETAs right under the 'Purchase' button.

Some services have Flexible ETAs due to them usually taking an extended time to complete, or if their completion is highly RNG-reliant. These usually have some context attached to their ETA, so make sure to double check by hovering over the small question mark right next to the ETA number.

What is your refund policy?

You can get a full explanation of our refund policy here.

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Our reviews

More Info

Ah, the Kappa Container. The one thing all Tarkov players desperately want, but only a prescious few will ever achieve. Locked behind a giant abyss of a grind, requiring you to not only collect 36 rare streamer items with their Found in Raid status intact and complete more than 80% of Tarkov's Quests to even start with the Collector, but to beat the clock-- a hard time limit to get it before the Wipe ends. Suffice to say that completing the Collector and getting your hands on your very own Kappa Container is probably the single most difficult thing in Tarkov to date.

Though our Pros are commited to getting you that Kappa Container, it will not be an easy task. Due to the high RNG and difficulty of collecting all those Found in Raid rares, this may potentially take days, if not weeks to do. Still, the immense reward you recieve at the end, both in game and the sheer clout you'll get from snagging the Kappa, is definitely worth the investment.



What is the Kappa Container in Tarkov?

The Kappa Container is Escape from Tarkov's biggest and most sought after Secure Container. Featuring the largest space out of all Secure Containers (3x4), it allows you to store all sorts of useful items, and even some larger bits of loot that other containers might not be big enough to fit.

How do you get the Kappa Container in Tarkov?

The Kappa Container is one of Tarkov's rarest items, and for good reason. To acquire the Kappa Container, you need to fill out a long and difficult checklist:

  1. Having completed the bulk (about 80%) of all the Quests in Escape from Tarkov.
  2. A PMC Level of at least 55 to pick up the Collector Quest.
  3. Getting a total of 36 rare streamer items, all of which need to be 'Found in Raid'.

What does 'Found in Raid' mean?

Found in Raid items are those that were spawned and taken straight from a raid, crafted in the Hideout or obtained as a Quest reward. Since the vast majority of the items required to complete the Collector can't be obtained outside of finding them in raid, and because almost all of them have random spawn chances and locations, this can take a very, very long time to complete.

How do I get the Collector Quest Tarkov?

After finishing the bulk of Tarkov's quests (the lowest level requirement to complete them all is Level 55), you'll be able to pick up the Collector from Fence.