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Crafting Stations in Escape from Tarkov
9999 Estimated Completion Time

Crafting Stations

Access items, that are available from traders at the later stages of Escape from Tarkov, much earlier in the progression. Be it top-tier ammo, or an item with a "found in raid" tag for your quest, Crafting Stations will grant you lots of benefits


Crafting is an important mechanic in Escape from Tarkov. It grants a shortcut to many quests that require finding rare items in-raid by allowing you to craft it from your hideout. It also allows you to craft ammo that can not be bought from traders until very late in the game's progression, and that is not sold on the flea market either. You could also find items that are profitable to craft for selling on the flea market, as they have low crafting costs, compared to their high prices on the market. All in all, crafting is not a system that one should overlook while trying to Escape from Tarkov.

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