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Customs Raid in Escape from Tarkov
9999 Estimated Completion Time

Customs Raid

Customs is one of the favorite maps of the Escape from Tarkov players, which is packed with quests and loot, but with a lot of PvP as well. Let our Pros walk you through Customs and help you extract safely and with the full backpack.


Every single player has to go through a lot of Customs raids at the beginning of the wipe. And Customs is one of the oldest maps, so a lot of good players know every nook and cranny of it. Thus, it can be really hard for the newbies to navigate it safely, while the map is built in a way that it makes players meet each other in the middle of the map, there's almost no way to extract without going to the hot spots. Luckily, our pros are those players that know the Customs like the back of their hands, so it is no issue for them to extract that pricy loot lying all around the map.

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