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Interchange Coaching in Escape from Tarkov
9999 Estimated Completion Time

Interchange Coaching

Learn everything about Escape from Tarkov map Interchange. Our Coaching service is designed in a way, that the next time you go into the raid, you feel as if you were on your home turf on Interchange.


Interchange is one of the most complex maps in Escape from tarkov. With the open area containing lots of stashes and the inside of the mall filled with small shops, it is easy to just walk past good loot spots without even realizing it. With some of the best shops being locked behind having to turn the power on, and the power station located entirely outside of the mall, it can be tough to plan your route most efficiently. Our coaches will show you the extractions, spawns, the best places to loot, the most popular routes you can ambush PMCs on, the best spots to wait for enemies, rotations on specific locations, and many other things.

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