Labs Raid in Escape from Tarkov

ETA: 9999

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Most of the players stay away from Labs altogether. Some of it is due to the opportunity cost in the form of Labs Keycard, some of it is due to the lack of insurance for your gear, and some of it is due to the sheer horror of Chads' home turf which is Terragroup Laboratory. Simply surviving in there can be horrifying, but extracting is a whole different story as well. To do so, you have to press a button somewhere all the map for a specific extraction, often on the other end of the map. And if that was not enough, the kind lady will announce the powering of that extraction to the whole raid via microphone. And there is a good reason for everything mentioned above - there is almost nothing in Escape from Tarkov that compares to the loot in Labs. So let our Pros take the risk for you and get you tons of top-tier loot delivered to your PMC's stash.

Requirements / Rules

TerraGroup Labs access keycard for every raid