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Shoreline Coaching in Escape from Tarkov
9999 Estimated Completion Time

Shoreline Coaching

Learn everything about Escape from Tarkov map Shoreline. Our Coaching service is designed in a way, that the next time you go into the raid, you feel as if you were on your home turf on Shoreline.


Shoreline can be easy to navigate and it is one of the most newbie-friendly maps in the game. There are loads of stashes all around the map where, with the proper routing, you can get pretty good loot with minimal risks. If you want the best loot though, you will have to go to the Health Resort, which can be pretty hostile for inexperienced players with its tight corridors, semi-hidden routes, and bottlenecked passages. Our coaches will show you the extractions, spawns, the best places to loot, the most popular routes you can ambush PMCs on, the best spots to wait for enemies, rotations on specific locations, and many other things.

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