The Lab Coaching in Escape from Tarkov

Rules and Terms of Services

ETA: 9999

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The Lab is not newbie-friendly in any way. It is the only map that requires a special item to even get into. There is no use in insuring items when you go there, as no one will be able to get them out for you. And the inside of the map is just as unfriendly as well, with tight corridors hiding whatever might be hiding behind the corner, the normal Scavs nowhere to be seen, instead, well-equipped Raiders lurking in the corridors, rushing the players on sight or sound, to eliminate them ASAP, and all of the extractions requiring pressing a button often on the other end of the map. Our coaches will show you the extractions, spawns, the best places to loot, the most popular routes you can ambush PMCs on, the best spots to wait for enemies, rotations on specific locations, shortcuts, ways to deal with the raiders, and many other things.

Requirements / Rules

TerraGroup Labs access keycard for every raid