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Constant focus on prices
Constant focus
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Speed & Quality
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24/7/365 customer


We want you to feel in control.
After purchasing a service, we will contact a player who will start working on your order.

If you are unsatisfied about his work, you are always able to request a change.
We will assign your order to another player.
This is your right.

If you are a returning customer, you can always request your favourite player.


Every player that works with us is checked thoroughly. Our players must:

  • Sign a contract and verify their real life identity

  • Show us high quality work completed in the past in this market

  • Pass a series of entry tests

  • Achieve good results during our continuous tests every few weeks.

Every test is masked as a real order with a real customer. We pay the player if everything goes well.

With this system, we do our best to work with the most elite players available in the market!


Our main focus is achieving the right balance to make the service affordable but professional and fast.

  • We constantly monitor the market's prices and ensure to have the lowest possible price, whilst still maintaining quality.

  • If a service becomes easier, we will drop the price but ensure that the quality is still high.

  • We do NOT rely on hacks / cheats in order to offer lower prices. That is not the way we do business.

Your safety and satisfaction comes first. We want you to come back so that we can always offer you the best possible service.


We are gamers and online consumers too, so we want to deliver services of high quality, at high speed, with good communication.

  • Our mission is to help busy gamers or players who want to have fun, learn from the best, and improve.

  • If you are not satisfied, we will always respect your consumer rights and offer refunds or compensations according to the case.

  • Our Terms of Service and service descriptions are as clear as possible, so that you can always shop with a peace of mind.

  • Realistic prices and delivery times - no lies! If you encounter a problem, we will take responsibility and do our best to turn you into a happy customer.

  • BlazingBoost was founded in 2012. We have experience in this field.

We are extremely proud to have helped thousands of busy gamers who wanted to stay competitive, or players who wanted to achieve higher gaming goals. You can skip boring grinds or you can play with the best and improve. Anything is available!


Our internal quality check team works hard.

  • Every service has a realistic estimated time of completion and price.

  • We constantly monitor the speed at which orders are completed on average.

  • Our players are background checked and must constantly pass internal tests, showing us that they are able to communicate properly and play at a very high level, at high speed.

  • Our tests are disguised as real orders bought by our internal testing team, that we pay normally to our players. We invest a lot in this quality department.

If your service is fast and without hiccups, you will be happy; we are 100% aware that we must focus a lot on speed and quality to be successful in this business!


In order to offer a great service, customer support is also a key factor. We sell a positive and enjoyable experience, not only a gaming service itself! Our support is available at every point the day, throughout all the year, on:

  • The website's Livechat, where you can ask general questions about your service for pre-purchase support.

  • Discord support accounts

  • Email at [email protected]

It is always possible to reach out to a manager if required. Our chain of support ensures that every operator does his part in its department. If your request is specific and needs further analysis from the management, we intervene QUICKLY. No weeks of waiting. The online market moves fast and consumers want fast and direct answers, right to the point. We know that and we have built a structure that meets these needs.

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Our website was founded in 2012 by a group of high ranked players in World of Warcraft. BlazingBoost's journey has lasted 10 years and we are still going strong! With so many years of experience, we perfectly understand the needs of a busy gamer: have a quick, reliable, and high quality service at the best possible price. This is what BlazingBoost focuses on.   
As a proof of our success in this market, our Trustpilot profile with over 29.500 5 star reviews can help you make the right decision. See what other customers think of us, so you can shop with a peace of mind.  


We are gamers and we are busier than before. Real life got in the way! We feel it on our own skin. Therefore, our goal is to help busy gamers have fun and enjoy their favourite game, ensuring that they can:
- have fun with the best players in the world
- learn from them
- skip toxic lobbies and time sinks
- save time by playing with reliable team mates or by skipping unreasonable grinds

At the same time, we love to give a realistic chance to many professional gamers to make a living from their passion, growing an online career within the gaming ecosystem. 


What is "boosting" exactly? Is it different from Coaching services?

 “Boosting” is a very interesting phenomenon that has received more attention and interest in the last decade.

Essentially, you’re paying someone to complete something for you, or with you, in a video game. The service itself is usually a ‘boost’, as it helps your character gain power, gear, or alike

Coaching services are very similar, although they mostly focus on learning and playing with a professional player. BlazingBoost specializes into that, as Coaching and Play with Pro services are the trend now! 

How are boosting services completed?

‘Boosting’ services are generally completed in two different methods.

1) Account Sharing

2) ‘Selfplay’ or ‘Coaching’


When Account Sharing is chosen by the customer, the booster will have to log on the customer’s account to complete the service. This means that the booster will use the customer’s account and character to reach a certain level, or obtain a specific weapon or armor reward. Once the service is completed, the booster will log out. The customer shall log back in on his account and find his rewards ready in their bag.


On the other hand, ‘Selfplay’ or ‘Coaching’ services are extremely different and offer a different experience.
When a customer purchases one of these services, he is not going to share his account with the booster.

He will actually play alongside the booster to complete a certain activity that was probably too difficult otherwise. Selfplay or Coaching services are usually aimed at group-activities where the customer is often let down by his team mates or group members.

With a Selfplay Boost, instead, the customer will play with professional players who have already completed that activity in the past (or that are simply better players at the game). The activity will be easier and the customer will gain access to the rewards with less headaches.

Most notably, the benefit of purchasing a Selfplay service is the extra safety, the enjoyment of playing with great team mates, and the connected learning experience. 

Is boosting cheating?

Let’s make a common and easy example: an online shooter such as ‘Call of Duty’. In these games, most cheaters are aim-botting, which means that their weapon will automatically headshot all opponents without actually having to aim. These are considered heavily disruptive activities and, as a result, deserve to be rightfully banned and punished. 

As you can imagine, this is totally different from playing with a professional and legit player, as one of many examples that can be made! 

What is the difference with actual boosting services? Why should they not be considered as ‘cheating’ activities?

The answer is actually very simple: other players’ experiences are not harmed if a customer purchases a boosting service, especially because there is always someone playing the account, a real human, able to partake in in-game social interactions and contributing to the growth of the game world.

Let’s analyze both boosting service types:

Account sharing services:

  • - A real person is playing on the customer’s account
  • - The booster is not cheating
  • - No other player is harmed in the process

Selfplay / Coaching services:

  • - The customer is playing his own account
  • - The customer is completing an activity with his own contribution, with his own skill and hands
  • - The customer is learning from professional players
  • - The customer is having fun, saving time and avoiding toxic interactions with other players (which can sometimes ruin the game experience as a whole)
  • - The booster (or the boosters, if it’s a team of professional players) are not using any cheating software

While it is understandable that boosting activities are misunderstood (they are a new profession in the online e-commerce environment), a thorough analysis of the phenomenon can help us understand that boosting has nothing to do with actual cheating or hacking activities.

How does BlazingBoost reassure that boosting services are completed without cheating?

Our quality check and recruitment team works tirelessly to ensure every team member is the right fit for our customers.

Every booster / player / coacher is thoroughly background checked and given test orders; in most occasions, the player doesn't even know it is a test, which ensures the quality of the test is not jeopardized! Once the screening procedure is over, every player signs a legal contract with us and verifies their identity. This allows us to have a serious relationship with every player.

On top of that, If any player is found to be a rotten apple, all payments are chargebacked, our contract is legally enforced, and the player is immediately removed. 

Why does this market even exist? Why would someone pay for game boosts?

Gamers are growing up. Most players are now busier than they were during their adolescence. They have a family, a job, and many responsibilities.


However, if you are a gamer in your teen years, you are a gamer forever and you will carry that passion with you in the future. That’s why gaming is one of the most growing hobbies in the last decade. It is fun, it can be really relaxing after a long day at work, and it is a nostalgic passion that reminds us of our youth.


When you grow up and have more responsibilities (as explained above), you simply have less time to play; but you may still be in love with your favourite game! You may still want to see the end game content, have a powerful character, come back home from work and have a few hours of gaming with great players.


The alternative is to probably have a weak character with low equipment, being forced to play with toxic teammates who will bring you down, and simply not being invited to good groups because you aren’t experienced enough. 


Concurrently, some other players are still able to dedicate time to their favorite game. With the existence of busy gamers who want to play and have fun, the supply and demand meets: the boosting scene is born, and great players can earn money and also make a living out of their hobby. Essentially, everyone wins, as long as there are no scams or cheating activities involved.

As previously mentioned, websites are the touchstones that allow the supply and demand to meet with safety, professionalism, and customer support. Therefore, professional boosting is actually a reality in the market today, with consumers’ rights being respected and a stellar experience being offered to buyers