Job request - Call of Duty

Booster description:

Boosters and Coachers are a vital key of our business. The better you work, the more services you will receive. It is VERY important for us that you respect the advertised ETA (Estimated Time of completion) on our website. If you are fast and precise (example: you tell us that you will start a service in 3 hours and you start in 3 hours indeed), this will be rewarded. Customers love precision and reliability and so do we! If you think you have got what it takes, do not hesitate to apply. Please fill the tabs below. You will receive an acceptance or denial email within a few working days (1-5 days usually).

Who are you? Have you got any experience? What can you complete?

If you join us, our main rules for Call of Duty are:

  • - You will need to set your availability for the services we sell on the website, so we will know if we can offer you those orders
  • - You will be offered orders directly on Discord in a group conference
  • - You will also be able to see open orders on our website and ask us to complete them
  • - There is a contract to sign to regulate our relationship in terms of communication, professionalism, payment rules, and more
  • - In order to pay you, we have to verify your identity

Which games can you complete services into? (Multi Choice Allowed)

Which services do you plan on completing?