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Job request - Final Fantasy XIV

Apply as a booster in Final Fantasy XIV

Booster description:

Boosters are a vital key of our business. The better you work, the more services you will receive. It is VERY important for us that you respect the advertised ETA (Estimated Time of completion) on our website. If you are fast and precise (example: you tell us that you will start a service in 3 hours and you start in 3 hours indeed), this will be rewarded. Customers love precision and reliability and so do we! If you think you have got what it takes, do not hesitate to apply. Please fill the tabs below. You will receive an acceptance or denial email within a few working days (1-5 days usually).

If you join us, our main rules for Final Fantasy XIV boosting are:

  • You will need to set your availability for the services we sell on the website, so we will know if we can offer you those orders
  • You will be offered orders directly on Discord in a group conference
  • You will also be able to see open orders on our website and ask us to complete them
  • There is a contract to sign to regulate our relationship in terms of communication, professionalism, payment rules, and more
  • In order to pay you, we have to verify your identity
  • We will send you an acceptance or denial email. If you are accepted, we will get in touch via Discord and send you a document to study. It will contain all the steps and guides for you to use our systems and work with us.
  • To fully conclude your recruitment process, you must sign a Freelance Services contract, verify your identity with a Selfie + ID Scan picture.
  • If you respect deadlines and communicate properly with us and with customers, you will automatically receive more orders. This is a golden rule for us.
  • Cheating or hacking while completing any of our services, in ANY shape or form, is not tolerated on our platform. These activities destroy any game.
  • If you are caught, we will terminate your contract, freeze your payments, and report you to the game’s support.
  • Receiving private payments from our customers is forbidden. We will terminate your contract and apply legal penalties, alongside freezing your funds.
  • If your customers regularly come back or want you to complete their next orders, your internal ranking with us will skyrocket!
  • If a customer wants you to complete their order, you are guaranteed to receive that order, if you can complete it.
  • We are able to execute payments via PayPal or bank transfer, to all countries.
  • Payments are executed regularly. You can always expect a minimum of 4 payouts per month.

Join us as a Final Fantasy XIV pro booster - fill the form below, and we’ll reach out asap!

Which services can you complete? (English language knowledge required for most Selfplay orders)