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What is Battle Pass Boost and how does it work?

For Battle Pass Boosting we will find a booster who will play on your account to boost your Battle Pass. A pro player will earn much more XP points and level up much faster than an average player. 


Battle Pass is a system that offers rewards for playing and completing challenges during a predetermined period of time called "Season". Just like in the older season, there is a brand-new battle pass in the current Season 10. You can only earn XP through playing online matches. Battle Pass has a total of 110 levels.

There are weekly and daily challenges that are present in Apex.

There are 4 ways to earn the battle pass stars:

   - Every 5000 XP you get one
   - Doing Daily Challenges
   - Doing Weekly Challenges
   - Picking up Treasure Packs

Daily challenges reset every day and usually grant around 8 stars. 

Daily challenges individually give around 1-3 stars each.

Weekly challenges reset every week on Tuesdays. Each week around 9-11 new challenges become available. Weekly reset doesn’t lock the players out of the previous weeks’ challenges, thus they can be completed at any time as long as they are available.

Weekly challenges give 2, 5, or 10 stars and in total it is around 60 stars total.

There are around 11 weeks total every season, thus giving us 11 sets of weekly missions.

1 battle pass level = 10 stars.

Why should I buy Battle Pass Boost?

Leveling your Battle Pass is the best way for getting different cosmetics in the game such as new skins for legends and weapons, weapon charms, badges, and trackers for each legend, etc. Also, you will get apex packs and your chances of getting an heirloom will also increase! By leveling up your kills and wins will also increase, even some other stats will increase such as damage, headshot kills and etc.  


IMPORTANT NOTE -  Completing Battle Pass does not guarantee you an heirloom!

Why is it hard to complete Battle Pass in Apex legends?

It takes a lot of time to complete Battle Pass and that’s why some players won’t have enough time to complete it. And that's where we step in! 


Daily challenges are usually pretty easy but some weekly challenges are pretty hard. A pro player will earn more XP by winning and getting more kills. So, this is easier for pro players because they will earn much more XP points and level up much faster than the average players.