Pack Victory Badge in Apex Legends
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Your boost will gain priority. Our boosters will focus on your order and start it even earlier! The ETA is reduced by 30%. If this does not happen, we will refund you the extra cost.

Rules and Terms of Services

ETA: 1-12 Hours

Service info


Pack Victory asks to win a game with a full premade squad. You will play with our Pros and they will help you achieve it on the Legend you want. This badge shows how good a team player you are and how fast and efficient your squad is. Keep in mind that this is an Account badge, so it can be equipped on any legend once unlocked.

Requirements / Rules

This service is completed through playing with our pros.


What is Pack Victory Badge?

Badges are the ultimate way to show off your skills, experience, records, and achievements in Apex Legends. This is one of the cool beginner badges, but if you are a more experienced player, we also have a very wide offer of Apex Legends badges!

Why should I buy Pack Victory Badge?

If you are a new player you should buy it because it’s a cool beginner’s badge in Apex Legends. You will get a cool badge and since this is an Account badge - you can use this badge on all your legends! You can also choose a Sherpa and then you will play with our pros!


What happens after purchasing? Can I still log into my account?

After having bought the service, we need you to kindly insert your login information (if your service requires account sharing) and your Discord contact. For specific directions, feel free to also fill the ‘Note’ field. Feel free to log in and play normally – we will let you know when the service will be in progress.

How do I get in touch with you?

After completing the whole process, please join this Discord server “” . By default, you should have messages enabled between common server members. This will allow you to message our support contacts! Our Apex Legends support account is: “BlazingBoost Apex Legends#3206”.

How long will the order take? What is an ETA?

An ETA is an estimate of how long the order should take under normal conditions. We love being honest with our customer base – it is impossible for us to be exactly sure about the length of your service, but we will always do our best to stay within the estimate by contacting all of our available boosters as soon as we receive your order!

What is your refund policy?

As a short sum up, you can always ask for a cash refund if: A = Your order is unsuccessful or is taking too long (having greatly surpassed the ETA, for example). B = We have not assigned your order yet or organized anything for it to start. If you want to change service (even during its completion or after its assignment), we always offer Credit refunds so that you can choose something else. For a detailed explanation of all of our Terms of Service and Refunds policies, please visit