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Selfplay services in Apex Legends are designed to let you save a lot of time and be 100% safe. No account sharing is required!

We are perfectly aware that most of our customers are busy gamers who love this franchise but are very busy with IRL responsibilities. For this reason, this industry exists: even if you are busy, you do deserve to enjoy the game. In fact, most LFG lobbies can be toxic and annoying to deal with.

If you want to have fun while playing with some of the best teammates out there, this is the service for you! With this service, you can rent a professional player that will simply play with you and show some amazing skills.Voice communication is also possible if you wish!

This service is hourly-based, so in the bar above you can choose how many hours you want to play, and with how many players (you can infact choose two pros with the extra option checkbox).

During the "Play Chill with Pros" service, of course you can expect to learn something, but this is not a coaching service. The aim here is to have fun and blast opponents with great players in you team.


What is the exact purpose of this service? Can I also play Unranked? What can I choose?

With the 'Play chill & have fun' service, you are in control! You can choose to play Ranked Arenas / BR, or Unranked. If you proceed to the following page, there are checkboxes that let you choose what you want to play;  you can also choose if you wish to be on voice with our pros. This service exists because some of our customers just love to come back home and play with a nice team, without much stress, and just to really have a good time, learn something, and have fun. That's why in-depth coaching is not included, and in fact the price is also lower.

What is a Selfplay Service in general? What is this industry?

In the Apex Legends market and beyond, Selfplay means playing with a professional player who will carry you or simply play with you. The main concept is that account sharing is NOT required for these services.

When buying a Selfplay service with a PRO who will  play with you, you will certainly save a lot of time and learn something on the way. However, this is not a Coaching-oriented service. You can in fact choose if you want to play Ranked or Unranked. 

If I decide to play ranked with this "Play with Pros" service, will I rank up a lot?

With this service, the goal is to play on a hourly basis with pros who will give you some basic tips. This means you will play for a set amount of hours and that's it; there is not a specific amount of rank points we can guarantee. The goal is to have fun and, of course, learn something on the way.

If you wish to reach a specific rank or division, you can do so by purchasing a Selfplay Boost to a specific rank, both in Arenas and Battle Royale

Why should I hire a pro to play with in Apex Legends?

Well, looking at what our customers say, the answer is pretty simple: being able to come home from work and have two nice guys waiting for you to play and have fun is worth it. The game is really fun, but it's best experienced and enjoyed when you have the right team mates with you.

With this service, you will also learn something, and rank up!

As usual, remember:
- if you wish to focus on getting Coached, browse our Hardcore Coaching services.
- if you want to reach a specific rank in Arena or Battle Royale, visit our Selfplay Boosting section. 

What is the difference between a "Play chill with pros" and "Hardcore Coaching" services?

At BlazingBoost, we have decided to differentiate the services we offer to ensure that every customer has an answer to their needs.
In general, we offer:

  • Play Chill With Pros -> Hourly based service to play Ranked or public lobbies, with one or two pros. Basic tips are included, the goal is to have fun with great team mates and progress within the ladder, if you play ranked.  You are currently browsing this service.  You can also choose to use Voice communication via Discord.
  •  Selfplay Boosting to a specific rank -> you can choose a specific rating to reach in Arena or Battle Royale by playing with our pros. Guaranteed results. 
  •  Hardcore Coaching with Gameplay ->  Play on a hourly basis with the best players in our roster, while having a full fledged learning experience, including strategies and the best tips and tricks from the best Predators. The price is higher and voice communication is always included. 

Who is going to play with me? Who are these PROs?

We will always team you up with professional Apex Legends players who have reached the highest ranks (Master & Predator) or have high K/D ratios.

However, these players are not particularly tested or hired to teach you the ins and out of the game. You should consider a Selfplay service if you wish to complete content without thinking too much about it, hence why this service is cheaper. 

So my account is safe? There is no account sharing involved?

Yes! Selfplay services are the new trend and you do not have to let anyone on your account. You are completely safe. 

What happens after purchasing?

Once your payment has been completed, please add us on Discord at "BlazingBoost Apex Legends#3206" and we will get you in touch with your assigned player. You can schedule a time on Discord in a group conference, meet in game, and play!