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Diablo Immortal Sets are powerful secondary gear items that give a powerful bonuses when combined together. Our boosters can get an individual item (that you are missing) or more, entire set with 10% discount. We can obtain all available sets: Feasting Baron's Pack, Grace of the Flagellant, Issatar Imbued, Shepherd's Call to Wolves, Untouchable Mountebank, Vithu's Urges, War Rags of Shal'baas and Windloft Perfection along with all corresponding items.


- Diablo Immortal account (on a platform of your choice) 
- Level 60 Hero
- Access to Hell I - Hell IV depending on the specific item required
(if you do not have access to the specific difficulty, our boosters will not be able to work on your item)


Vithu's Urges

  • 2 Set Item Bonus: Increases the duration of all beneficial effects on the player and their party members in Diablo Immortal by 30%.
  • 4 Set Item Bonus: Increases the target's Attack Speed by 30% for three seconds each time player uses a skill to grant a beneficial effect to themselves or a party member.
  • 6 Set Item Bonus: Each time player uses a skill to buff themselves or a party member, creates an area of apotheosis for 10 seconds that grants 15% Life Drain to the player and any party members within the area. Cannot occur more often than once every 40 seconds.