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Being the extremely true-to-life game that it is, Escape from Tarkov is super dedicated to depicting pretty much all of its features as realistically as possible. From ballistics and the way body armor works, to its inertia-based movement and awesome gun modding features, everything is as it is in real life, or at least close enough. But the realism doesn't end there! In fact, it also extends to its game currencies and economy.

And I don’t just mean that they use real world currencies, like roubles, dollars and euros, which of course they do, but also that said currencies are tied to their real life equivalents. This means that whenever real world values change, for instance if the rouble’s value drops in real life, then it will also drop in game! Same goes for the two ‘secondary’ game currencies, dollars and euros.

To really hammer home their realistic economy, Battlestate Games has also gone out of their way to make actually keeping some cash in your pocket just as gruesome of an experience as it is in real life, especially during early wipe and when you hit the end game.

Grinding EFT roubles can be a real pain. Lots of the keys or items you might need to finish your Quests as well as most of the best guns, mods and ammo usually carry a super steep price on the Flea Market, not to mention if you end up dying and losing a super expensive gear set.

Thankfully, you can always buy another one, provided you’ve got the cash for it. So save yourself a frustrating grind and get all the game currency you could ever need with the help of our pros!



Q1: What are Roubles in Tarkov?

Roubles are the main currency in Escape from Tarkov. Pretty much 90% of the stuff you buy and sell will be for roubles, be it to a Trader or on the Flea Market. Ammunition, keys, guns, mods, you name it! Since a lot of late game loot, good gun mods or armor can get really expensive, it can really quickly empty out your pockets, especially after a few failed raids. You’d have to sell a kidney to get your hands on some of the spicier stuff that Tarkov has to offer, like a kitted out SIG Spear, Scav Junkbox and high level components.

How do you get Escape from Tarkov money?

Cash in Tarkov can be earned in three main ways:

  • Completing Quests
  • Selling loot to the NPC traders
  • Selling valuable items to other players on the Flea Market

You can also find roubles lying around in raids, but usually this is just a bit of pocket change more than a viable farming strategy. Same goes for dollars and euros, though these two are usually only used as a quest turn-in or for trading with Peacekeeper.

Speaking of viable strategies, there’s a few ways to go about actually grinding out some EFT roubles:

One of the better ways to make quick cash is to kill other PMCs and vendor their gear / loot, though this can be really risky, especially if you’re unlucky enough to run into a squad.

Farming high-ticket items like rare Keycards, gun parts, fuel canisters and so on can be particularly lucrative if you’re able to avoid rats and player Scavs. Some go straight to vendors, like Therapist or Skier, or sold on the Flea.

Lastly, you can invest some resources into your Hideout and build a Bitcoin Farm or Booze Generator to passively earn currency by making and selling Moonshine and Bitcoins, though this requires a really big investment of resources and time.

But why waste your time doing all of that when you can just get them straight from us? Farming up a mil or two could take you at least a few hours, and potentially much more if you’re unlucky and end up dying-- it could even cost you money instead of earning you any! So save yourself the trouble and let us get you those sweet, sweet EFT roubles.

How much is one dollar in Tarkov?

The answer is: it depends! All of the three main currencies in Tarkov are tied to their real world equivalents, meaning that if the value of the dollar goes up in real life, it will also increase in value in game! As of 2024, one dollar is worth 120 EFT roubles.

Q4: What currency is used in Escape from Tarkov?

Escape from Tarkov has three currencies: roubles, dollars and euros. Roubles are the main currency, while dollars and euros are only used for specific quests or traders.

Q5: Where can I buy Escape from Tarkov roubles?

Where there’s a demand, there'll be people willing to supply it. Though there are hundreds of sites selling EFT game currencies, very few of them are worth your time, money and trust.

Here at BlazingBoost, we’re committed to offering you nothing but the best in terms of safety, speed and around the clock customer support, so you can rest assured that you are in safe hands when doing business with us. If words aren’t proof enough, feel free to check out our TrustPilot, with more than 34.000 reviews from our satisfied customers!

Can you get banned for buying roubles in Tarkov?

Only if you buy roubles or other items from a cheater, or if a booster uses cheats while piloting your account to farm them up for you. Lucky for you, we’re 100% legit! All of our boosters are thoroughly vetted, and you can rest assured that every single rouble we get you is completely safe!

You might have also heard of the term ‘RMT’ or ‘Real Money Transfer’ being thrown around. RMT is your typical form of currency trading: you pay us, we give you a flat sum of currency. While we do offer these kinds of services, they do carry some element of risk. For safety’s sake, we’ll always suggest you go for a Farming service, and a Sherpa one at that.

Ranges are fully customizable, you can get as little or as many of a certain game currency as you like. By selecting the 'Farming' option, you're choosing to have your currency farmed by hand-- no dropping, no trading, no RMT of any kind.