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Azoth Farming in New World
up to 8h (depending on the selection) Estimated Completion Time

Azoth Farming

Buy Azoth Farming Boost


Azoth farming services are completed by performing multiple activities like side-quests, farming monsters, or using tools with Azoth Extraction Perk (if available). Our boosters are using the best Azoth farming tactics available depending on your character status and the overall situation on the server. The service is completed in account sharing.The completion of the service might include (but not necessarily) completion of a certain number of side quests that might be related to the service progression, and if they are required for the service our booster shall complete them.All valuable items that might be found will be kept in the inventory or in the storage sheds.

Requirements & Rules

- Level 25
- No other requirements. We'll take care of everything to get you your chosen amount of Azoth!


- The game was recently released and for some services the ETAs may not be absolutely precise yet. At this price, we can complete your order quickly and efficiently at the advertised ETA. In case the prices have to go up, we will not charge you more! If the prices go down a few days after your purchase, we will refund you the difference in Store Credit (Blazing Points).

- We ask you to be a bit flexible and tolerant with ETAs. We will certainly adjust them as time goes by. For now, the indicated ETAs are being respected by our boosters. As the content gets easier and boosters become faster, the ETA will be globally reduced and prices will also go down. This is our overall company policy.




As of now, Amazon has no active policy regarding account sharing services. Therefore, the service can be considered safe especially because they would hurt their player base too soon into the game’s launch. However, we cannot foresee their company’s policies with absolute certainty; therefore, to keep you as safe as possible, we will use a VPN to ensure the highest possible protection. In fact, after the purchase, we will ask you to tell us which country our booster should connect to.
If we are aware of any risks, you will always be informed as we focus on transparency.


What happens after purchasing? Can I still log into my account?

After having bought the service, we need you to kindly insert your login information (if your service requires account sharing) and your Discord contact. For specific directions, feel free to also fill the ‘Note’ field.  Feel free to log in and play normally – we will let you know when the service will be in progress.

How do I get in touch with you?

After completing the whole process, please join this Discord server “”. By default, you should have messages enabled between common server members. This will allow you to message our support contacts! Our Destiny 2 support account is: “BlazingBoost NewWorld#9548”. 

How long will the order take? What is an ETA?

An ETA is an estimate of how long the order should take under normal conditions. We love being honest with our customer base – it is impossible for us to be exactly sure about the length of your service, but we will always do our best to stay within the estimate by contacting all of our available boosters as soon as we receive your order!

What is your refund policy?

As a short sum up, you can always ask for a cash refund if: A = Your order is unsuccessful or is taking too long (having greatly surpassed the ETA, for example). B = We have not assigned your order yet or organized anything for it to start. If you want to change service (even during its completion or after its assignment), we always offer Credit refunds so that you can choose something else. For a detailed explanation of all of our Terms of Service and Refunds policies, please visit

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What are New World Azoth farm services?

Azoth is a mineral with magical properties that serve as a form of currency. It can be used while crafting to increase the power of any bonuses that might appear on the crafted item, to respec the Mastery Tree of a weapon, or to Fast Travel to settlements you've visited previously. We have created a New World Azoth Farm boost service so our customers can buy a specific amount of 500, 1000 (cap) of Azoth as a timesaver while focusing on something else. Our pros can start within a few hours with the guaranteed fastest delivery.

Why should I buy New World Azoth farm boost?

  • Players will receive a desired amount of Azoth (500 or 1000) in the shortest time possible.
  • Players will be able to obtain a certain amount of gold and XP
  • Players will be able to obtain a certain amount of Territory Standing progress
  • Players will keep all the loot that has dropped during the service completion

How to complete New World Azoth farm boost service?

  • Players are required to have a level 25 (lower levels possible with additional fee) 
  • New World Azoth farm boosts are available in both US and EU regions

What do I need to buy a New World Azoth farm boost Service?

We use discord as our means of communicating with you, as it is one of the most effective communication platforms, besides that, absolutely nothing else. After you buy our New World Azoth farm boost, you will get into contact with us over discord, at which point we will process your order and start looking for a booster. In case of piloted service, we will keep you updated along the way (when the booster is found, when the booster wants to log in, and so on...), but if you bought a Selfplay order, once the booster is found, we will create a conference for you and booster, so that you two can chat and arrange a time when you want to play. Once the session is over, we will chat about it on Discord and ask you for feedback on how you felt during the service. Your comments will help us grow and become a better company.