Mutated Garden of Genesis in New World

Rules and Terms of Services

ETA: 1-48h

Service info


Our booster shall complete Mutated Garden of Genesis Expedition within a reasonable timeframe (ETA). -All the valuable loot will be kept in the inventory or storage shed -No valuable items will be salvaged or destroyed for any reason The completion of the service might include (but not necessarily) the completion of a certain number of side quests that might be related to the service completion. If they are required, our booster will definitely complete them.

Requirements / Rules

Mutated Expeditions are recently released upgraded versions of normal expeditions with increased level of difficulty and affixes that will be changed from time to time. Currently only 3 Mutated Expeditions are available: Mutated Lazarus Instrumentality, Mutated Garden of Genesis and Depths.  We are currently offering a piloted version of the service where our booster would play on your account.


- Level 60 character
- Gearscore for desired Mutated Expedition 600+
- Tuning Orb (Not mandatory, our booster can get one for an addtional Extra Options fee)