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Service Description and Requirements

World of Tanks Class coaching Scouting Expert is a service aimed towards the players who are having a problem of understanding the class concepts and goals. If you are dying early without having enough spotted or normal dmg (500 - 1000 WN8 players), this is a service for you. Depending on the purchased amount of hours our Pros will walk you through the majority of maps and light tanks, giving you a complete overview about the class itself with tips & tricks about how to become a great Light Tank player.


- World of Tanks account
- Headset required for the communication with our coach
- At least 2 Light Tanks in the garage tier VI+


This is a great service if you plan to become a Unicum Light Tank player, and this is basically a first step that you need to make before starting with more complex and intensive trainings.  Our roadmap to Unicum consists of the following group of services:

1. Class Coaching (at least 15h, depending on the individual)
2. Intensive Coaching (15 or more hours, depending on the individual)
3. Road to Unicum (8 to 16 hours+ for advanced players)




Why do I get by purchasing World of Tanks Scouting Expert Coaching?

You will learn to use all light tanks tier VI+ with ease, you will understand the reasons why you are dying, failing and why this class is so difficult / specific to master in general.

- You will play and debate (theorycraft) with one or more of our Pros for the purchased amount of hours
- Our Pros will guide you though the whole process with prepared training programme (Your time won't be wasted)
- This is a preparation stage for more advanced Intensive Coaching Sessions and overal progress step towards the Unicum levels of gameplay

What extra options do I have when purchasing Scouting Expert WOT Service?

By choosing the “Express” option, our players will give your order priority over others and finish your selected hours within a shorter timeframe. They will have the time and motivation to do so as their payment is obviously higher!


Pre-Order for the next Week (10% OFF) is a discounted option for the exactly same service that you are purchasing for the current week. We are rewarding focused players who wish to learn more and who are dedicated to their goal to become better players. 


2 Pros is an option for players who wish to focus on Platoon gameplay even more. This is not recommended to brand new Light Tank players as One Pro is recommended for the first several hours of education and practice.