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Personal Missions 1.0 in World of Tanks
few hour from the purchase Estimated Starting Time
flexible Estimated Completion Time

Personal Missions 1.0

Complete any amount of WoT Personal Missions 1.0 with ease, unlock Object 260! Earn additional rewards, NO RIGGING GUARANTEED - FREE REPLAYS!


This service is piloted and includes Personal Missions needed to unlock Object 260. Choose the missions you want our pros to complete, noting that each requires a specific vehicle in your garage. While we can't list all mission requirements here, THIS website has them all listed for each and every mission.  Contact us on Discord through blazingboostworldoftanks if you have questions.

IMPORTANT: It is not possible to make a single purchase for more than one campaign tank at the time.  If you would like to purchase i.e. T55A missions and Object260 missions, you would have to make two separate purchases. 

NO RIGGING: The service is 100% safe and guaranteed to be completed WITH NO RIGGING. This has an impact on the price but you are completely secure, as there will be no cheating on your account. Your security matters. We will provide FREE REPLAYS to all our customers as an evidence that our pros are playing fair and square. 


  • Your selected amount of missions completed in a short / reasonable time frame
  • Silver, Experience depending on how many attempts will take to our pros to complete your missions
  • Mastery Badges (M) not always guaranteed, but will often happen during the gameplay
  • Some other Campaign missions completed (not guaranteed) but will often happen. 
  • We will progress your Battle Pass accordingly (depending on the amount of gameplay and tanks used)
  • We will improve your overall winrate with those tanks that we use and global winrate depending on your overall amount of battles. 


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