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Service Description and Requirements

Road to Unicum represents the last stage of evolution for every above-average World of Tank player who is constantly around 1800 - 2000 WN8 rating. To reach an average 2350 - 2400 Unicum rating players need to focus more on their own mistakes which can be identified only by the very best players (our Pros, who are regularly going for 3000+ WN8). Our Pros will watch you play, they will analyze your movement, positioning, shooting, bush mechanics, and overall tank usage for the number of hours that you have purchased. They will provide in-game support by playing with you and they will use the voice chat of your choosing (English only) for detailed feedback and coaching. 

How the service works:

If you have purchased 8 hours (for example) you will be given coaching and gameplay sessions with our very best Pros (3200 WN8+) guaranteed except if you manage to solve 20 games over 2350 WN8 rating when the service will be marked as completed as you have achieved the goal.

This concept will be applied only if service is purchased in 8 hours and 16h bundle (20 games & 40 games). If you purchase 10 hours, we will deliver all 10 hours of coaching/gameplay no matter how you perform in your game sessions. 


- World of Tanks account
- Headset required for the communication with our coach
- 1800+ Recent WN8


If you find Road to Unicum service difficult due to your own understanding or if you are interested in learning more beforehand, we strongly suggest going for:

- Scouting Expert (Light Tanks) (500-1000 WN8)
- Master Brawler (Heavy Tanks) (500-1000 WN8)
- Vicious Ambusher (Medium Tanks) (500-1000 WN8)
- God of Artillery (Artillery) (500-1000 WN8)
- Intensive training 1000 - 1500 WN8

These services will prepare you for Road to Unicum service in advance, and combining one of those services with Road to Unicum is the best way to improve your game knowledge and to progress towards the Super Unicum ranks.