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Service Description and Requirements

Silver Farming is a piloted service that requires our booster to log onto your account and play on your Premium Ships along with the Premium Account in order to gather a designated amount of silver for your use.  Our booster will count only the amount of silver that has been gathered while he was playing and he will keep track of it accordingly (if he has to log multiple times).

Our boosters will play the best they can with the goal not to harm your overall and individual Personal ratning. If your PR score is 1500, we will try to find a corresponding booster for your PR. An assigned booster will not deliver games 500 PR lower than your average PR but he might deliver higher than your average score.  

If the PR score isn't of particular interest to you (the customer) service, in general, will be started sooner due to the larger pool of our players who will be able to take your service. 


- Premium Account
- 2 x Tier VIII Premium Ships