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Battle Cup Boost in Dota 2
6-36 hours Estimated Completion Time

Battle Cup Boost

We will win the desired number of Battle Cup tournaments instead of you in order to get your exclusive rewards. Please select your current tier in the extra option area below.


This is a piloted-only service, and such requires your login credential as well as "unlocking" the account once one of our pros gets ready to start with the service. Our Immortal rank boosters will win the desired number of weekly Battle Cup tournaments to be able to obtain special event rewards for you.

Tournaments rewards are:

- 20.000 Shards
- Battle Cup Trophy and chat badge
- Seven exclusive emoticons (for each week)
- A special Battle Cup effigy block
- Prestige profile description for victories and streaks for one week

Requirements & Rules

- Dota Plus Subscription. 
- Dota2 account that is not flagged for low-priority games.

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