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Dota 2 is one of the most popular and competitive multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game in the world. With its complex gameplay mechanics, diverse hero pool, and strategic depth, Dota 2 offers an immersive and competitive gaming experience. However achieving high mmr in Dota 2 ranked matchmaking can be a challenging task, requiring both skill and dedication. This is where our dota 2 boosting services come in. You can avoid all of the hurdles and frustration of the ranked matchmaking journey and skip to your desired mmr with the help of our professional players. 

Dota 2 ranked matches are a very competitive environment where every single decision made during the game is highly valuable. The ranking system in Dota 2 works with Medals that are based on MMR. Each Medal has 5 stages, after the 5th stage you advance towards the next one all the way up to Immortal. The current ranks based on MMR in Dota 2 are the following:

dota 2 ranks

Divine and Immortal are the pinnacle of the ranking system and the ranks that most players aspire to reach. With the help of our Dota 2 rank boost services, you can also reach these and experience professional dota. You no longer need to be frustrated by losing MMR due to toxic pugs and intentional feeders, you can play with the absolute best and get to your desired rank in no time!

We have a large selection of different services so that we can find the exact one that would suit your needs. Regardless of which Dota 2 service you decide to go for, the results are guaranteed!



Is my MMR guaranteed at the end of the boost?

If you are purchasing a set amount of MMR from either our Duo Queue or Solo Queue options, the MMR that you choose is guaranteed. Our professional players will make sure that you receive your desired mmr at a swift pace depending on the range of mmr you would like to gain. You can expect a high level gaming experience with our services and a guaranteed result at the end!

What is boosting in Dota 2?

Boosting in Dota 2 is the process of receiving assistance from skilled and professional players, known as boosters, to increase your MMR or achieve specific in-game goals. Regardless what your end goal is, if you want to increase your rank, improve your gameplay or unlock special rewards, our services offer a tailored solution to every problem.

Our boosters are Immortal ranked pro players that are more than capable of helping others improve their MMR or achieve any goal within the game. They will use their expertise and skill to blast through the challenges of lower ranks, swiftly and efficiently ensuring your victory. Our boosting services not only help you improve your rank and gameplay, they also save you a lot of time and frustration in the process.

Boosting can be done in one of two ways, either in Duo Queue where you will be playing alongside your pro player, or in Solo Queue where you will take a back set as the pro uses your account to achieve your goals. With both options you will experience a smooth and stress-free experience.

Why should I buy a Dota 2 rank boost?

Climbing the ranks in the Dota 2 ranked matchmaking can be a very tiresome and overwhelming task. There are many reasons to consider buying our dota 2 mmr boosting services:

  • Time constraints - Some players often even if they are able to reach higher ranks they do not have the free time to do so as they are busy with their lives and only have a few hours a day to play.
  • Avoiding Frustration - It comes as no surprise that the ranked gaming experience can often be very toxic and filled with griefers who will ruin your games just because their own game is not going well.
  • Showcasing High Ranks - If you are not someone who particularly cares about ranked this might be a good reason for you as you can simply get a high rank once and then showcase it as you play unranked games.

Regardless of your reasons for it however, you can rest assured that any of our dota 2 ranked boosting services will be able to help you achieve the rank that you desire.

Why should I buy a Dota 2 rank boost from Blazing Boost?

We will do our best to provide the absolute highest quality service as we only have Immortal players on our roster, alongside a vast amount of pro's to ensure that your order is completed as fast as possible. Aside from that we are always available with our 24/7/365 customer support that can assist you with any issues or questions you may have. If you need further proof you can also check our Trustpilot page with over 34,000 5 Star Reviews from our satisfied customers.

Is my Dota 2 account safe?

Your Dota 2 account will be completely safe during our ranked duo boosts as there is no account sharing during the services. We also have a strict 100% no cheating policy with our pro players, to which they have to provide regular footage as well.

When it comes to our solo queue services, our pro players take every possible precaution to ensure that your account is protected. You can always have steam-guard enabled and our pro player will always use a VPN to your requested location. We would never claim that account sharing services are completely bulletproof however as that is simply not the case, regardless of the amount of protection used there is always a risk and we believe in full transparency which is why we would always recommend a Duo Queue service.

Who will I be playing with?

You will be playing with a professional Dota 2 player who is part of our boosting roster. We have a very strict recruitment policy to ensure the highest quality services we can, this means that every single one of our boosters are in the Immortal bracket on their main accounts.

They are some of the best Dota 2 boosters around and have complete mastery over the game and the ranked matchmaking. They will be able to make quick work of your opponents during games and make your overall gaming experience smooth and victorious. On top of that our pro players also have to adhere to a 100% No Cheating Policy which they are contractually obligated to follow.

What are the next steps after purchasing a Dota 2 ranked boost service?

In order to work on your order - we need to get in contact with you, so we need you to either add our discord at blazingboostdota2 or join our “Contact only” Discord Server: as it will allow you to message our customer support department at the Discord tag mentioned above, which is our primary "tool" of communication where we offer 24/7/365 customer support. You can also talk with our Live Chat support for assistance.