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Dota Plus is a subscription based service that valve created for Dota 2 players. The subscription provides you a multitude of benefits during the game such as providing you with statistics based on your own gameplay and that of other players playing the same hero as yourself. It can provide you with tips regarding picks and counters as well as extra analytics after the game is ended.
On top of the extra game features it also has a Shard system which can be used for cosmetics.
The most popular reasons for players to opt into a Dota Plus subscription is the Hero Tiers as you can level up your heroes as you play them and earn special rewards the more you master a specific hero. The Hero Tier levels are split in the following ranks:

  • Level 1 to 5 - Bronze
  • Level 6 to 11 - Silver
  • Level 12 to 17 - Gold
  • Level 18 to 24 - Platinum
  • Level 25 to 29 - Master
  • Level 30 - Grandmaster

Another addition that was moved to Dota Plus is the weekly Battle Cup where you can participate in a mini single elimination tournament each week in order to win the battle cup.



What are Dota Plus Hero Tiers?

One of the featuers of Dota Plus is that every single hero has a specific Tier that you can level from 1 to 30 or from Bronze to Grandmaster. These tiers are hero specific which means that most players focus on their favorite heroes to make sure that they get them up to Grandmaster. However this is no small feat as the grind can be long and very time consuming. This is where our Dota Plus hero tier service comes in, our pro players will be able to help you skip the grind and enjoy your rewards without losing time farming.

What is the Battle Cup?

The Battle Cup is a weekly single elimination mini tournament where Dota Plus subscribers can register a team and fight it out in a bracket against other teams in order to win the Weekly Battle Cup. The Battle Cup bracket is split into tiers depending on the overall average MMR of the entire team:

  • Tier 3 Crusaders or below
  • Tier 4 Archons
  • Tier 5 Legends
  • Tier 6 Ancients
  • Tier 7 Divines
  • Tier 8 Immortals

Is my Dota 2 Account safe?

In general, we employ every single system to make sure your service and account are safe.

However, it also depends on the product that you are purchasing. Selfplay services have zero risks as they are not against the game’s rules. They are a great way of getting better without being boosted or risking your account.

Account Sharing services, on the other hand, are against the game’s rules and cannot be considered completely safe. Even though our pros can use a VPN, you need to be aware that an Account Sharing order can never be considered 100% bulletproof. Therefore, if you purchase this type of a service we encourage you not to overdo it and to change your password after each order.

What are the next steps after purchasing a Dota Plus service?

In order to work on your order - we need to get in contact with you, so we need you to either add our discord at blazingboostdota2 or join our “Contact only” Discord server: “https://discord.gg/Sef6HKC“ as it will allow you to message our customer support department at the Discord tag mentioned above, which is our primary "tool" of communication where we offer 24/7/365 customer support.