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In order to be able to queue up for ranked Dota 2 game mods where all the action is, such as “ranked all pick”, you have to have your account calibrated first - we will do this for you via account sharing, which will require that you provide us with your login credentials, as well as unlocking the account/approving the first time our booster logs in to your account. Due to the calibration final outcome being affected by many factors, one of which is your previous calibration rank history, we cannot guarantee a specific rank, however, since all of our boosters are highly rated you can expect them to obtain the maximum rank.


- Dota2 account that is not flagged for low priority games.


Why should I buy a Dota 2 Calibration boost?

Calibration games are necessary to determine your suitable rank based on your gameplay. The combination of your previous rank and how you do in the calibration games is what will define which starting rank you are going to be positioned in. Due to this, it is highly beneficial to buy a calibration boost for your Dota 2 account, since our boosters are professionals who will make sure that you get the most out of your calibration games, and therefore rank as high as possible, saving you a lot of time by skipping lower ranks. This means that you will start playing in higher ranks right away, avoiding the grind needed to get there from bottom ranks.

What happens after purchasing?

In order to work on the service you've purchased - we need to get in contact with you, so we need you to add our discord at BlazingBoost Dota#1234, which is our primary means of communication where we offer 24/7/365 customer support.

Is Calibration boost safe?

Currently, there's no bulletproof method of safety, so there's always a small risk associated with account sharing services, however, we do have ways to minimize the risk by instructing our boosters to use VPN software. Even though suspensions are quite rare, we do recommend the Duo Boost (self-played) variant of the service, as it is both safer and more enjoyable for the customer.

Who is going work on my order?

Your account will be boosted by a group of Pros who have a long history of competing in a high-end rating environment of 5k+ MMR