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Faceless Void Arcana Style 2 Unlock in Dota 2
1-7 days (flexible) Estimated Completion Time

Faceless Void Arcana Style 2 Unlock

We will earn the desired number of points instead of you in order to unlock your Faceless Void Arcana Style 2. Please select your current rank in the extra option area below.


This is a piloted-only service, and as such, requires account sharing to be completed. Once you place this order, we'll immediately start looking for the most adequate pro for your service. Once assigned, a booster will proceed and get the desired number of points from dying opponents under Chronosphere which will award you one point per kill, with a maximum of six points in a single match.

Requirements & Rules

- Faceless Void Arcana Skin
- Dota 2 Battle Pass 2022 level 495

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