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In Palworld, there are 2 types of Bosses, they are Alpha Bosses and Tower Bosses. Alpha Bosses are the bosses on the overworld map with fixed spawn points. The bosses that spawn in Dungeons are also Alpha Bosses. Each Pal has an Alpha version. Some of them are always available on the map to be killed or captured with fixed spawn points, some of them are only exclusively available as Dungeon bosses that spawns randomly.


Tower Bosses are 5 fixed Pals and their Partners that guard the towers in the Palworld. These 5 bosses in order are:


  • Zoe & Grizzbolt, guarding Tower of Rayne Syndicate
  • Lily & Lyleen, guarding Free Pal Alliance Tower
  • Axel & Orserk, guarding Eternal Pyre Tower
  • Marcus & Faleris, guarding Tower of the PIDF
  • Victor & Shadowbeak, guarding PAL Genetic Research Unit Tower


Defeating Alpha and Tower bosses for the first time grants you with precious Ancient Technology Points that can be used to unlock very powerful upgrades such as the Grappling Gun and Feed bags. Defeating or capturing Alpha Bosses after the first time grants you Ancient Civilization Parts that can be used for crafting important gear.



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Can I capture Tower Bosses?

All the Pals that are bosses in Towers are available through Wildlife Sanctuary, you can visit our Sanctuary Pal services for them. There's also an exploit, enabling to capture Tower Boss Pals with their partners, but we believe it'll get fixed quickly as it's definitely not intended.

Is it possible to target farm a specific Alpha Pal through dungeons?

Unfortunately, while the dungeons spawn in fixed places, their spawns are not. Meaning a certain dungeon spot doesn't guarantee to have an active dungeon all the time. On top of that, the Alpha Pals that spawn as dungeon bosses are also random, so there's no way to target farm a certain Alpha Pal through dungeons.