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In Palworld, the cute little creatures that fight alongside you against other cute little creatures are called Pals. Pals are divided to 3, regular Pals, Lucky Pals and Alpha Pals. Lucky Pals are shiny variants of regular Pals, they appear to be bigger and they make a distinct sounds when they are around. Lucky Pals always come with the "Lucky" trait, which is 15% Attack and 15% Work Rate.


Alpha Pals are "Boss" like Pals. They have a horned demon sign near their name, they're much bigger than the other Pals and they can be found either as bosses in Dungeons or in fixed spawn points in the map. Alpha Pals have higher average stats than regular Pals and some Pals are only available as Alpha Pals.


We divide Pals differently for our services. You can find Regular Pals, Subspecies Pals and Sanctuary Pals as our Pal capture services. Subspecies Pals are different elemental variants of existing Pals, they're marked in the Paldeck with the letter "B" near the number of the Pal. For example, Jormuntide is a Water element Pal, but it's subspecies variant Jormuntide Ignis is a Fire element Pal.


Sanctuary Pals are, special Pals that are only available to capture in Wildlife Sanctuaries. Wildlife Sanctuaries are small islands outside of the regular map. They require Pals that can swim or fly to reach. You can find exclusive Pals on sanctuaries, such as the Tower Bosses!



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Our Pal Capture Boosts are services that are created with a single purpose, which is to provide you with a focused service that will help you catch as many Pals as you want. Depending on the amount you choose, you'll be able to get a lot of experience that you need to unlock new technologies. However, if you want something more specific, or you want to further customize your service, our discord support is available for any questions and doubts 24/7/365.

How many Pals are there in Palworld?

Currently, there are 137 Pals in the game. Out of these 137 Pals, 26 of them are variants.

Do Pals evolve in Palworld?

Pals do not evolve in Palworld. Swee does not evolve to Sweepa, they're completely different Pals!