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In Palworld, there are 3 types of levels: Base Level, Character Level and Pal levels. Base level is increased through your Palbox and it affects how many Pals you can station in your bases and how many bases you can have. Your character level is increased with virtually any activity you do and you can unlock new technologies anytime you levelup. Your character level is also the maximum allowed Pal level. Pal levels are individual levels of your Pals, they are not tied to each other and they level up while in your party or stationed in a base.


In order to increase your base level, you need to reach certain character levels and unlock certain base buildings through technologies. Upon unlocking and building the required buildings, you can increase your Base level.


Your character level increases with virutally any activitiy you do, whether if it's mining ores, chopping woods or slaughtering Pals, everything grants XP. Of course, some activities provide more XP than the others. The most efficient way of leveling is capturing each Pals 11 times. Each time you capture a Pal, they provide an increasing XP bonus, up to 11th capture. After 11th capture, capturing that Pal do not provide any bonus XP so it becomes incredibly inefficient. Since the best way to level up your character is through a boring grind of capturing low level Pals over and over again, we suggest you to use our Character leveling service to skip that boring grind.



Why Should I get Palworld Leveling Boosts from Blazingboost?

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Why Should I Buy Palworld Leveling Boosts?

Our Palworld Leveling Boosts are services that are created with a single purpose, which is to provide you with a focused service that will help you dive right into the end game and skip the tedious leveling grinds. Depending on the service you choose, you'll be able to get your base, character or your Pals max level in no time. However, if you want something more specific, or you want to further customize your service, our discord support is available for any questions and doubts 24/7/365.

What are your refund rules?


Our refund rules are always customer-oriented.
You can always ask for a cash refund:
1. if the service has not been started yet
2. If the ETA for the service is far surpassed, or doubled. In that case we are obliged to give you your money back for the part of the order that was not completed yet. 
3. You can also ask to change service at any point, receiving a credit refund. 

Please note that as per our terms and conditions, the service starts once a booster has been found and the order has been organised. 

In any case, if you experience delays caused by us or our player, we will always offer you a compensation (partial refunds, future discounts, website credit, or similar) even if it is not a cash refund case. We are on your side!