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Lifmunk Effigy Capture Level Service in Palworld
Flexible Estimated Completion Time

Lifmunk Effigy Capture Level Service

Here you can buy Lifmunk Effigy Capture Level Boost. We will locate all the Effigies for you, don't worry!


Lifmunk Effigies hold the key to unlocking unparalleled potential in Palworld. By offering Lifmunk Effigies to increase your Capture Rate, you gain a crucial advantage that ensures your success in capturing Rare and Stronger Pals effortlessly. As you progress through the game, having a higher Capture Rate becomes indispensable, particularly in the later stages where Legendary Pal Spheres await.


Depending on the chosen level you will get

  • Level 1 - 1 Effigy 14% Capture Rate Increase
  • Level 2 - 4 Effigies 16% Capture Rate Increase
  • Level 3 - 7 Effigies 18% Capture Rate Increase
  • Level 4 - 11 Effigies 20% Capture Rate Increase
  • Level 5 - 15 Effigies 22% Capture Rate Increase
  • Level 6 - 19 Effigies 25% Capture Rate Increase
  • Level 7 - 23 Effigies 27% Capture Rate Increase
  • Level 8 - 27 Effigies 30% Capture Rate Increase
  • Level 9 - 31 Effigies 33% Capture Rate Increase
  • Level 10 - 35 Effigies 37% Capture Rate Increase


  • After purchasing, we need you to kindly provide us your order information (such as the world you want us to complete the service on, your platform, for example).
  • In the meanwhile, we will get in touch on Discord to start working on your order! Our website's LiveChat can guide you on the way if you need help.
  • We will find a pro that will log on your account and start as soon as possible. You will be able to communicate with them directly through a Discord channel to exchange login codes.


  • In the meanwhile, our post-purchase support can always assist you in Discord DMs for any question, 24/7!

Requirements & Rules

  • Account Sharing


What happens after purchasing? How do I add you on Discord?

After your purchase, we will have to get in touch on Discord. Please join this Discord server "" and then look for 'blazingboostpalworld. The server is supposed to be empty, do not worry! If you cannot find our contact, it could be due to Discord lag. Try to send a friend request and you will be able to message us even before we accept your request as we will share the initial server.

Is there any way to know exactly when you will start and when you will finish?

We will do our best to complete within the ETA written on the website. If there's no specific ETA written, we will do our best to complete your service in a timely manner.

How long will the booster be online for?

For any service with account sharing, boosters are supposed to be online for 5+ hours per day, according to what they have to complete. Exceptions apply: some services can require a daily grind of 40 mins, for example. Extra Speed options are generally always available! They will give your order more priority and force the booster to stay online for longer if it makes sense for the speed of your service. 

What is your refund policy?

If we cannot even assign the service within double the Estimated Time, you are entitled to ask for a refund. If we have started but not completed the service within double the estimate, compensations or partial refunds may ensue. 

Who is going to boost me?

Many of our boosters from other games are interested in completing Palworld services. In case of problems, we will calculate a compensation or find another booster. Blazingboost is always on your side. 

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Ready to conquer Palworld's dungeons? Look no further! Our Lifmunk Effigy Capture Level Boost is your ultimate solution.

In Palworld, Lifmunk Effigies hold the key to unlocking unparalleled potential. Elevate your Capture Rate with our boost, ensuring seamless acquisition of Rare and Stronger Pals. As you progress, a higher Capture Rate becomes indispensable, especially in securing Legendary Pal Spheres in later stages.

Skip the grind and dive straight into action-packed dungeons with our tailored Lifmunk Effigy Capture Level Boost. Maximize your gaming experience today!