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Getting better at Valorant is a long and difficult journey. No one, no matter how talented, can just step in and own 1v5 every, single round. That comes after months, if not years of practice, blood, sweat, and bitter tears. 


There is an easier way, Agent! Coaching is the way to go. That is if you don’t want to remain hard-stuck at lower ranks or end up grinding your way through toxic lobbies that don’t look kindly to people with ungodly KDR and Head Shot %. 


BlazingBoost makes your journey start super easy with our Free Assessment that predates our Coaching Plans. Simply schedule a session and our resident Pro Coaches will go through with analysis of your gameplay. This is done so you can get a personalized Valorant Coaching plan that will address all your pain points and see your progress faster than ever!


We’re also ready to help out those who want this skip, regardless. Our Beginner and Advanced Training plans contain challenges, tips, and tricks to their corresponding level. Though we always recommend going for a Free Valorant Coaching assessment, you have the option to just start playing immediately.




What is a Free Valorant coaching assessment?

This free service is basically intended for new and up-and-coming players who want to get someone to look over their gameplay. The best way to improve is to have a seasoned coach analyze your mistakes and propose a plan for improvement.

We don’t offer cookie-cutter plans which you can find on YouTube. You will be given a personalized plan that aims to improve your mistakes and get you soaring through the ranks.

Why should I get Free Valorant Coaching?

The best way to set yourself up for improvement is through the initial assessment which we think should be approachable by everyone. Only when you see the value of having someone actually know what you do wrong and tell you how to overcome it, will you realize your own potential and how to grow and dominate. This isn’t cheap marketing wording - it is literally how you become better.

What happens if I want to start with a Beginner’s or Advanced Training Plan?

We’re not forcing you to have the Free Assessment since Valorant Coaching is all about knowing your weaknesses and how to overcome them. If you’re confident you already know, you can purchase one of those training plans and we will still follow a personalized approach that suits your preferences.