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Even though Valorant is mainly a PvP game, it doesn’t mean it has no progression systems in place. Riot Games have introduced multiple progression paths to keep things interesting and even free-to-play friendly.


One of them is Kingdom Credits which allow you to purchase more agents without having to purchase them with premium currency.


There are also weekly missions you need to complete which grant you valorant kingdom credits. Last but not the least, each agent comes with a progression system that rewards you with a wide range of character-related cosmetic items and pieces in-game.



What are Valorant Kingdom Credits?

In Valorant's Episode 7: Evolution, a new currency called Kingdom Credits (KC) arrived to shake things up. Forget unlocking agents and contracts – now, just playing the game earns you KC! Every round you complete nets you points, with bonus points for winning. Finishing matches and daily missions boosts your KC further.

But remember, there's a 10,000 KC cap, so spend it wisely! Head to the Accessory Store to deck out your agent with gun buddies, player cards, sprays, and even past Battle Pass items, all using your hard-earned KC. So, put on your favorite skin, hop into a match, and start raking in those Kingdom Credits – the rewards are waiting!

What are Valorant Missions?

Valorant's mission system throws rewards your way for tackling specific in-game challenges. Daily missions, quick and easy resets, ask you to rack up kills, win rounds, or showcase Agent abilities. Weekly missions crank up the difficulty, spanning multiple games and demanding diverse gameplay mastery. Even special event missions pop up, offering unique goodies.

Find your current missions in the "Missions" tab and track progress during Agent Select. Remember, focus on objectives, strategize with friends, experiment with Agents, and keep playing – those sweet rewards are within reach!

What are Agent Contracts?

Agent Contracts in Valorant (formerly known as simply "Contracts") used to be the go-to path for unlocking new agents and snagging cosmetic goodies. These multi-level challenges were like personal Agent bootcamps, tasking you with specific in-game actions to progress through tiers. Each tier showered you with rewards, from player cards and weapon skins to the ultimate prize: the Agent themself! But with Episode 7: Evolution, things changed. Agent Contracts morphed into a three-pronged system:

  1.  Agent Recruitment Events: These limited-time events remain your gateway to new Agents. Participate in special challenges and snag the latest recruit for free.
  2. Agent Store: Need an older Agent in your roster? Head to the Agent Store and purchase them using Valorant Points (VP), the game's premium currency.
  3. Agent Gear: Craving some fancy cosmetics for your unlocked Agents? Agent Gear lets you spend Kingdom Credits (KC), a free currency earned through gameplay, on gun buddies, player cards, and other snazzy Agent-themed items.

So, while Agent Contracts in their original form are no more, their spirit lives on in this revamped system, offering diverse ways to expand your Agent pool and personalize your Valorant experience.