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Radiant Guarantee in Valorant
1-12 Hours Estimated Starting Time
All season Estimated Completion Time

Radiant Guarantee

Get a guaranteed Radiant account without fear of bans or the hassle of the insane grind to get to the prestigious 0.01% in the world!


We will reach radiant on a brand new account for you.

Becoming part of the world-exclusive Radiant crowd is now possible with our guarantee service. Forget the insane grind, constant need for amazing teammates, and the endless trials of solo Q - we will provide a fresh, Radiant account for your use. 

The process itself is super simple:

  1. You only need to fill in the required info in the post-purchase form
  2. We will contact you on Discord to confirm everything and find a suitable pro to carry on the order
  3. The selected pro will create a brand new email and Riot account with your name/email and will start playing with a VPN set to your location/preferred region.We recommend this to be done at the beginning of each Act. The reason being that the threshold for how many players can be Radiant is empty, which means less competition and faster service completion.

Once the Radiant guarantee has been secured, we will message you to complete the transfer of the account for your use. Simple as that!

We always recommend getting in touch with our discord support and going over all the details before purchasing this service.


  • Fresh Radiant-ranked account delivered to you 
  • Any agent available
  • You can play all the while we're working on your Radiant account


The process with which we organize a Radiant Guaranteed account delivery is very straightforward. You first need to provide us with the details with which your account will be created, such as:

  • Contact details: we operate over on Discord so obviously we need to communicate with you 
  • Delivery time: as already mentioned, the service starts when a new Act drops (or a new Ranked Split) but if you are purchasing at the start of an adt, we can begin once a we found an available Pro.
  • Personal details: this is required so we match your credentials and the account is indeed in your name 
  • Server: where you expect to play with your account, i.e. your region
  • Prefered agent: completely optional - if you don't select an agent, the pro will do it on his own choice
  • Anything extra: should you want something specific done for the duration of the order, let us know.

We go over every point on Discord to confirm with you and the next step is finding a pro for the task. Blazing has a set of Radiant-level players whose sole responsibility is to level up accounts from the ground up. they will be using a VPN attuned to your location so once the transfer is complete, it will appear seamless. 

Our support on Discord will keep you updated of the pro's progress - you can inquire about it whenever you want, 24/7.

Once the pro has achieved the Radiant rank, we will inform you. Once everything's confirmed, we will transfer the login details to you.

We caution not playing immediately and not telling anyone how the account was obtained. 


24/7 Customer Support

Have any questions? We're always here to help.

100% Safety

Zero Ban Risk - Guaranteed!

Experienced Pros

Achieve the highest rank in the game. with no effort!

Requirements & Rules

  • The description of this service carefully describes the way we complete the Radiant Guarantee. Please read carefully:
  • If the service is purchased mid act, we will move it for the following act.
  • It is impossible to complete this service in a few weeks. If you buy it close to the end of a Ranked Split/Act, we will simply transfer its completion to the next.

We suggest not buying this service unless you have a clear agreement with the support on the feasibility of its completion - the spots are limited! 


Why do you say "Guarantee"?

Guaranteeing this service means that according to our predictions and logic, there's virtually no chance of being disqualified. This means that if we manage to complete the service, you will safely receive a brand-new, Radiant-ranked account.

Can I buy this even without having a prior agreement with the support?

Yes, you can, however, we expect you to be aware of the service rules. We still sell the service openly because we can complete it, but if you chat with us before purchasing we would be sure that you are aware of everything before proceeding.

What happens right after purchasing?

The website asks you to insert your information, such as the above-mentioned personal and contact details, region, starting time, and so forth.

How do I chat with you?

We need you to please join this server ''. Once you are there, search for "blazingboostvalorant" and message us! A friend request is not needed to get in touch with us, especially because too many contact requests and acceptances may trigger Discord's anti spam bot. If you buy a Selfplay service, we will make you a conference with your booster on Discord so you can coordinate with him.

What about the refund policy?

If we fail the service, we will face the situation and propose refunds or compensation.  According to the reason behind the unsuccessful boost, we can also postpone the service to the following season. Keep in mind that Radiant is the hardest attainable rank in the game and it puts you in the top 0.01%

Do I lose access to my main account?

No, you don't, as we will play on a separate account.

Can I pick the Agent I want the pro to play with?

Absolutely! Pick whichever Agent or Agents you want and the pro will use them during the leveling process.

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