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40 Battles Platoon 20% OFF in World of Tanks
2 days Estimated Completion Time

40 Battles Platoon 20% OFF

Discounted Monthly Bundle


This service includes 40 WoT battles with single pro (55% winrate guaranteed).  

PUSH PLATOON GAMES offers an hourly service where you can rent up to two pros to play with you in a platoon. This service does not include coaching by default and is focused solely on gameplay. Our pros will help you win more games, as they are capable of carrying many games by themselves. All of our pros are experienced World of Tanks super unicum veterans who will make your platoon experience more satisfying and enjoyable.

NO RIGGING: Rigging is a form of cheating where a group of people are attempting to get matched in a single game to help each other to complete your activities. We do not allow that. We will provide FREE REPLAYS to all our customers as an evidence that our pros are playing fair and square. 


  • Our pros will play with you for any amount of hours purchased
  • Guaranteed 55% or 60% winrate depending on your selection. Improve your individual tank winrate and global winrate.
  • If you have selected Personal Angel extra option, we will provide another pro who will watch you playing (live) for any amount of purchased hours, providing tips and guidelines how to improve on the battlefield.
  • We will provide the best possible platoon experience, and our pros will play vehicles of your chosing, any tier, any class. 


  • Once the service is purchased, we require from our customers to add us: blazingboostworldoftanks (Discord)
  • Our supporters will inform you about your service ID, and we will schedule a run time with our pros
  • Push Platoon Games is selfplay World of Tanks service, therefore login details are NOT required in post-purchase form. 
  • Service delivery is usually several hours, scheduled in advance with our pros mostly because of the ongoing schedule of our pros.  


Pay Less

Pay Less

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24/7 Customer Support

24/7 Customer Support

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Save time this weekend

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