Mastery Badge Farming in World of Tanks

Rules and Terms of Services

ETA: 24 hours

Service info


Mastery Badges are a popular show-off items in the game that represent at least one top-class game for each vehicle that you have ever owned in your garage. Our pros can provide you with any mastery badge in the game, on a condition that you currently own the vehicle in the garage.  The prices for service itself are tier based (I-VIII, IX - X and special vehicle price). Special Vehicles are: 279, 260, VK 72.01 K, T95E6,  Carro 45t, AMX M4 54,  Chieftain, CS 63,  Obj. 907, imaš tier 9 CC-1 MK.2,  STRV K,  AMX M4 51,  kpz 50t, Char Mle 75, Concept 1B, Conqeror, Cobra

Requirements / Rules

- Requested tank should be present in the garage with equipment that is suitable for that tank (rammer, optics, vstab) as an example.