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World of Tanks Object 279e is one of the best Reward tanks in the game that is received after 75 missions completion.  It is considered to be one of the most powerful heavy tanks because it doesn't have lower plate, and entire lower hull of the tank is protected by tracks.  This tank is a symbol of power and status symbol in the World of Tanks, it has very negative reputation in the community for the reason being a bit overpowered in comparison to the other same-tier tanks. 


This is a piloted service where we will organize boosting times with your assigned booster (according to your schedule) and we will work for several hours a day (up to 6h) until we have completed all your Object 279e missions. We will ask for login permission every time, and we will provide updates regularly, usually every 1-2 days. ETA for the service depends on many factors: RNG, Tanks that you have in possessions, Crews, and the number of missions that we have to complete. In general, we will deliver as fast as possible, and we do have among the very best World of Tanks players. 


- World of Tanks Premium Account
- Tanks required for mission completions (Tier VIII Light, Medium, Heavy, SPG, TD) 

If you are not sure about the service requirements, contact us directly via discord: BlazingBoost WorldofTanks#0761 and we will check if you have all the tanks required for the service completion.